Philosophy Summer Programs for Graduate Students/PhDs – 2024

Please use the comments section on this post to share information about Summer 2024 Programs in Philosophy for graduate students and/or PhDs in philosophy.

If you are organizing such a program, please add a comment to this post that includes:
– program name
– dates
– location 
– contact information
– application deadline
– a brief (one-paragraph) description of the program
– link to further information

Here’s an example:

Summer Training Program to Expand the Al and Data Ethics Research Community
Dates: June 3-August 4, 2024
Location: Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Contact: John Basl – [email protected]
Deadline: January 6, 2024
Description: This summer school is intended for graduate students with advanced training in applied ethics, ethical theory, philosophy of science, or other areas with potential research applications to AI and big data who would like to develop research capacities in the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), data ethics, and the philosophy of technology.  Designing AI and machine learning systems to promote human flourishing in just and sustainable ways will require a robust and diverse AI and data ethics research community. However, there are few graduate programs that train students in these areas. The aim of this summer long, in person training program is to supplement resources in students’ home universities with ethical and technical skills necessary to research in this area.
Further information:

Philosophy Summer Programs for Undergraduates – 2024
Philosophy Summer Programs for Graduate Students/PhDs – 2024

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Ryan Muldoon
14 days ago

PPE Graduate Summer Workshop
Dates: July 22-26
Location: Chapman University, Orange, CA
Contact: John Thrasher ([email protected]) or Ryan Muldoon ([email protected])
Deadline: Feb 1
Description: This weeklong summer workshop will combine the introduction of PPE methods with practical training and philosophical discussion. Topics include:
Rational Choice & Game Theory
Formal Political Theory: Spatial Theory & Coalitional Bargaining
Experimental Economic / Experimental Methods
Social Norms
Evolutionary Theory & Social Evolution
Agent-Based Modeling
This workshop pairs instruction on the basics of PPE methods with discussions of cutting-edge PPE research that uses those methods. The size of this workshop facilitates lecturers and organizers to get to know each student and to address any specific questions they have along the way. One added benefit of this format is the substantial possibilities for networking among the participants. The overlapping interests they explore here and the friendships they form will likely lead to future research collaborations. In addition to the instructional and research sessions, participants will also work on developing a PPE research project that they will present to the group at the end of the week.

Further Information:

Alex Grzankowski
Alex Grzankowski
13 days ago

AI Summer School in Paris

1st – 5th July 2024

Paris, France


Organized by

The Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London

The AI & Humanity Lab @ HKU

The London AI and Humanity Project

The summer school will feature two learning tracks:

Track 1: Ethics, Politics, and Social Implications of AI
Track 2: Themes in the Philosophy of Mind, Language, Metaphysics, and Epistemology of AI
Each track will be taught by leading researchers in the field. In addition to the two learning tracks, the summer school will also host keynote addresses from additional top researchers each evening.

More details:

13 days ago

Ethics of Attention Summer School
Dates: 1-5th July 2024
Location: Central European University, Budapest Campus
Contact: [email protected]
Application deadline: February 14th
This five-day intensive course investigates the ethical dimensions of attention. We live in the attention economy, where attention is commodified and manipulated. Attentional crises abound: big tech, social media, and the pandemic have eroded people’s attentional capacities. Attention, though, is paramount to personal and institutional flourishing. Attending to people, places, and projects is at the heart of love, community, justice, good relationships, creativity, art, education, and mental health. It is also a central, but overlooked, component of justice. We can wrong each other with attention patterns. Improper attention can also create unfair and dangerous social disparities; scientists might overlook medical differences between women and men, for example, and fail to notice this oversight. And yet theorists lack adequate frameworks for conceptualising and assessing this.

The summer school aims to remedy this. Participants first survey major theories of attention, including Asian philosophy, analytic philosophy, and psychology. They then apply these frameworks to real-life case studies about technology, media, advertising, power, prejudice, bias, colonialism, art, love, religion, self-improvement, mental health, science research, and skepticism about vaccines, pandemics, and climate change.

Further details will be available here soon:

Reply to  Cathy
7 days ago

Details now available here:

Sara Chan
6 days ago

Athena in Action: A Networking and Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy
Dates: June 17-21, 2024
Location: University of Notre Dame
Deadline: January 15 2024
Description: This workshop brings together graduate students with women faculty mentors for three days of substantive philosophical discussion and professional advice sessions. Participants benefit from getting to know the other talented graduate students and the faculty members, and from hearing the mentors’ advice on topics of interest to women in the profession.

The page for online application can be found here: 

Sara Chan
Reply to  Sara Chan
15 hours ago

CORRECTION: the dates should be June 24-27