JPP Still Accepting Submissions Despite No Editorial Team

Several months after the entire editorial team departed from the Journal of Political Philosophy  owing to the decision of its publisher, Wiley, to fire the journal’s founder and longtime editor-in-chief, Robert Goodin (see here), its website says that the journal is “edited by renowned international scholars from world-leading centres of thought” and is still accepting submissions.

A note on the journal’s homepage says:

The Journal of Political Philosophy (JOPP) is currently undergoing changes to its editorial team and reviewing processes. As a result, the journal is experiencing a delay in processing manuscripts. If you submit your manuscript to JOPP, it will be received by our Editorial Office, but publication will be delayed. Thank you for your patience and support.

Wiley has approached several parties about taking up the editorship of the journal, but to my knowledge, none has accepted. This is not surprising, as over 1000 people who work in areas covered by the journal signed a statement of non-cooperation with the journal in protest of Wiley’s firing of Goodin. The statement of non-cooperation includes a refusal to review papers submitted for publication in the journal until the situation is resolved, so even the journal’s status as a peer-reviewed publication is in question.

As one philosopher put it in an email to me:

On what basis are Wiley continuing to accept submissions if there are no academics willing to work for the journal and provide peer review? Wiley are purporting to run a peer-reviewed academic journal, but there’s no longer any reason to believe that JPP is any longer a peer-reviewed academic journal. It seems to me something like fraud to continue to accept submissions when there is no editorial team in place to review them.

Perhaps someone will ask these questions at the session that Wiley is hosting on the journal at the upcoming Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, taking place in January in New York.


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6 months ago

If Wiley sends a single representative to calm down the philosophers at the Eastern APA in New York over the JPP mess, I feel a bit bad for the Wiley person. It won’t be a fair fight . 1000 professional philosophers defending the stronger position against one person (most likely philosophically untrained) defending a much weaker position. This won’t go well, and the Wiley person might consider calling in sick

Reply to  AssistProf
6 months ago

I can’t be there but I hope it is Zoomed live or at least recorded for posterity and as an inspirational example for other publishers.