Statement of Non-Cooperation with the Journal of Political Philosophy (updated with list of signatories)

[Originally published on April 29,2023] The following resolution, prompted by recent developments at the Journal of Political Philosophy, was drafted by Simon Căbulea May (Florida State) with input from others.

Posted at, it says:

In light of:

    • the recent decision taken by John Wiley and Sons to terminate Prof. Robert Goodin’s editorship of the Journal of Political Philosophy at the end of 2023,
    • the consequent resignations of the vast majority of the journal’s editorial board,
    • and the inadequate explanation offered by Wiley as to their decision,

we the undersigned resolve, from the point at which Prof. Goodin is no longer the editor of the journal, to:

    • decline any invitation to join the editorial board of the journal, 
    • refuse any request to review papers submitted for publication in the journal, and
    • refrain from submitting any papers for publication in the journal

unless and until:

    • the decision to terminate Prof. Goodin’s editorship is rescinded,
    • full editorial independence of the editors over the journal’s publications is restored, and
    • all questions concerning the future relationship between Wiley and the journal are resolved to the satisfaction of the editorial board as recently constituted.

Scholars who work on topics in or adjacent to political philosophy and theory, social philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, and related areas are invited to sign the statement. To do so, go here. (Please include your institutional affiliation, if applicable, in lieu of your location, when signing.)

Professor May writes:

I have created a petition on concerning the current crisis at the Journal of Political Philosophy. I urge all scholars who work on topics in or adjacent to political philosophy and theory, social philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy of law, and related areas to sign the statement. 

As discussed in Thursday’s post, Wiley has removed Bob Goodin as the editor of JPP as of the end of 2023. Their explanation for this step is that there has been a “complete breakdown of professional communication” between Goodin and them. This is an entirely inadequate explanation. If a breakdown in communication were the problem, there is no reason why Wiley could not have brought the matter to the attention of the editorial board instead of acting in a unilateral and heavy-handed manner. In consequence, the vast majority of the editorial board have now submitted their resignations.

Wiley’s explanation is all the more dubious insofar as they have pressured journal editors to massively increase the number of papers they accept for publication. This pressure threatens to undermine the integrity of the peer-reviewed journal system and turn excellent venues for quality research into nothing more than crumbling paper mills. To be sure, there is an interesting question whether the top journals in political philosophy (and other areas) should accept more articles. Perhaps their current acceptance rates are overly restrictive. But this is an academic question that can only be answered by academic philosophers on academic grounds. It cannot be answered by publishing houses looking to maximise the profits they can extract from the labour we freely provide. Editorial independence over our journals is essential—without that independence, a journal publication will mean precious little.

The petition is in essence a call to strike action: a refusal to be associated with, submit to, or review for the Journal of Political Philosophy unless Wiley rescinds its decision, restores editorial control over the journal, and reaches an agreement with the editorial board, as recently constituted, as to the future relationship between Wiley and the journal. 

The stakes here are a great deal higher than whether a particular person continues in a particular role—the petition has not been created at Prof. Goodin’s behest or on his behalf. Rather, the stakes concern the very existence of the Journal of Political Philosophy and, by extension, all other philosophy journals published by Wiley. There are many difficult financial, logistical, and technical questions about the future of academic publishing that need to be answered in creative, even radical, ways. The status quo may be unsustainable. But the future of academic publishing cannot lie in surrendering editorial control over our journals to the publishing houses. Wiley may own the Journal of Political Philosophy, but it does not belong to them.

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UPDATE (4/30/23): Below is a periodically updated list of signatories.

1107 signatories as of roughly 7:00AM (Eastern) on December 13th, 2023:

1 Simon May Florida State University
2 Jonathan Quong University of Southern California
3 David Johnson Stanford Social Innovation Review
4 Paul Schofield Bates College
5 Anna Stilz Princeton University
6 Karl Widerquist Georgetown University
7 Jake Monaghan University of Southern California
8 Micah Schwartzman University of Virginia
9 Kian Mintz-Woo University College Cork
10 Steve Cooke University of Leicester
11 James Lindley Wilson University of Chicago
12 Brian Berkey University of Pennsylvania
13 Christopher Bertram University of Bristol
14 James Chamberlain University of Sheffield
15 Catriona McKinnon University of Exeter
16 Pablo Magaña University of Lisbon
17 Steven Heyman Illinois Tech
18 Adrian Blau King’s College London
19 Daniel Butt Oxford University
20 Ben Laurence University of Chicago
21 Jeromey Sims University of North Texas
22 Alexandru Volacu University of Bucharest
23 Allyn Fives University of Galway
24 Brian Leiter University of Chicago
25 Kristi Olson Bowdoin College
26 Faisal Bhabha York University
27 Adina Preda Trinity College Dublin
28 Amir Zaki University of California Riverside
29 Alasia Nuti University of York
30 Gideon Yaffe Yale University
31 Mathias Risse Harvard University
32 Martin O’Neill University of York
33 Michael Walschots Martin Luther University
34 George Boss University of Bristol
35 John Filling University College London
36 James Goodrich University of Wisconsin Madison
37 Andrew Koppelman Northwestern University
38 Andrew Shorten University of Limerick
39 Ryan Pevnick New York University
40 Matthew Kramer Cambridge University
41 Alan Strudler University of Pennsylvania
42 Michael Pratt Queen’s University
43 Erin Beeghly University of Utah
44 Michael Otsuka Rutgers University
45 Moti Gorin Colorado State University
46 David Wiens University of California San Diego
47 Jeff McMahan Oxford University
48 Oliviero Angeli TU Dresden
49 Juri Viehoff University of Manchester
50 Isa Lappalainen Uppsala University
51 Joel Pust University of Delaware
52 Justin Weinberg University of South Carolina
53 Jorge Pinto University of Minho
54 Ben Colburn University of Glasgow
55 Christopher Morris University of Maryland
56 Paul Weithman University of Notre Dame
57 Gustavo Beade Austral University of Chile
58 James Edwards Oxford University
59 William A. Edmundson Georgia State University
60 Chiara Cordelli University of Chicago
61 Eleonore Neufeld University of Massachusetts Amherst
62 Mark LeBar Florida State University
63 Karamvir Chadha Durham University
64 Andrew Sepielli University of Toronto
65 Michael Frazer University of East Anglia
66 John Oberdiek Rutgers University
67 Brookes Brown University of Pennsylvania
68 Susanne Burri Konstanz University
69 William Bülow Uppsala University
70 Ingrid Robeyns Utrecht University
71 Marcos Picchio University of Wisconsin Madison
72 Mollie Gerver King’s College London
73 Miklos Zala Central European University
74 Shane Glackin University of Exeter
75 Sophia Moreau University of Toronto
76 Desmond Jagmohan University of California Berkeley
77 Katrina Forrester Harvard University
78 Sean Ingham University of California San Diego
79 Niko Kolodny University of California Berkeley
80 Aidan McGlynn University of Edinburgh
81 Nathan Feldman Columbia University
82 Robert Talisse Vanderbilt University
83 Chris Armstrong University of Southampton
84 Avery Kolers University of Louisville
85 Jacob T. Levy McGill University
86 Kurt Sylvan University of Southampton
87 Joel Anderson Utrecht University
88 Neville Morley University of Exeter
89 Luca Ferrero University of California Riverside
90 Sam Director Florida Atlantic University
91 Emma Prendergast University of Wisconsin Madison
92 Jean Cohen Columbia University
93 Rebecca Stone University of California Los Angeles
94 Arash Abizadeh McGill University
95 Klara Andersson University of Pittsburgh
96 Paulina Ochoa Espejo Haverford College
97 Pilar Lopez-Cantero Tilburg University
98 Abraham A. Singer Loyola University Chicago
99 Fernando Lizarraga University of Buenos Aires
100 John Barry Queen’s University Belfast
101 Amy Sepinwall University of Pennsylvania
102 Christopher Riddle Utica University
103 Eric Orts University of Pennsylvania
104 Yuna Blajer de la Garza Loyola University Chicago
105 Christopher Lewis Harvard University
106 Simon Caney University of Warwick
107 Colin Bradley Princeton University
108 Kennan Ferguson University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
109 Han van Wietmarschen University College London
110 Kimberley Brownlee University of British Columbia
111 Jonathan Wolff Oxford University
112 Dien Ho MCPHS
113 Daniela Cammack University of California Berkeley
114 Jiewuh Song Seoul National University
115 Alexander Kirshner Duke University
116 Gareth Wall University of Birmingham
117 David Temin University of Michigan
118 Seth Lazar Australian National University
119 Moira Gatens University of Sydney
120 Daniel Layman Davidson College
121 Kevin Walton University of Sydney
122 Melissa Lane Princeton University
123 Charles Beitz Princeton University
124 Kerry O’Neill McMaster University
125 Benjamin Studebaker Cambridge University
126 Barbara Herman University of California Los Angeles
127 Matthew Lister Bond University
128 Charles Young Claremont Graduate University
129 Alex Miller University of Otago
130 Michael Rosen Harvard University
131 Ian Walling Princeton University
132 Thomas Donaldson Simon Fraser University
133 Sergio Tenenbaum University of Toronto
134 Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen Aarhus University
135 Pablo Gilabert Concordia University
136 Rebeccah Leiby University of Baltimore
137 Saad Malook University of the Punjab
138 Jozef Muller University of California Riverside
139 Daniel Weinstock McGill University
140 Marius Stan Boston College
141 Katharina Berndt Rasmussen Stockholm University
142 Jeremy Goodman University of Southern California
143 Joseph Bowen University of Leeds
144 Rachel Fraser Oxford University
145 Lesley Sherratt King’s College London
146 Gabriele Badano University of York
147 Duncan Ivison University of Sydney
148 William Buschert University of Saskatchewan
149 Dmitri Gallow Australian Catholic University
150 David Owen University of Southampton
151 Blain Neufeld University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
152 Nate Adams University of Virginia
153 Alex John London Carnegie Mellon University
154 Christopher Bartel Appalachian State University
155 Clayton Alsup Miami University Ohio
156 Harrison Frye University of Georgia
157 Duane Larson University of Houston
158 Ben Bradley Syracuse University
159 Peter Cave Cambridge University
160 John Parkinson Maastricht University
161 Loubna El Amine Northwestern University
162 Joshua Cohen Apple University
163 Miles Hentrup Florida Gulf Coast University
164 Megan Gallagher University of Alabama
165 David Phillips University of Houston
166 Emily Kidd White York University
167 Gregory Conti Princeton University
168 Seana Shiffrin University of California Los Angeles
169 Sue Mendus York University
170 Fabienne Peter University of Warwick
171 Alex Lefebvre University of Sydney
172 Nir Eisikovits University of Massachusetts Boston
173 Dale Miller Old Dominion University
174 Charles Pigden University of Otago
175 Inoue Akira University of Tokyo
176 Nicholas Tampio Fordham University
177 Lori Watson Washington University St Louis
178 Brendan Hogan New York University
179 Douglas MacKay University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
180 Adil Haque Rutgers University
181 Nick Sagos Seneca College
182 Corey Brettschneider Brown University
183 Michael Kates St Joseph’s University
184 Jeffrey Brown University of Northern Colorado
185 Luciano Venezia National University of Quilmes
186 Andrew Sneddon University of Ottawa
187 Taylor Coles University of Pittsburgh
188 Joseph Lacey University College Dublin
189 Karim Jebari Institute for Futures Studies
190 Raff Donelson Illinois Tech
191 Kinch Hoekstra University of California Berkeley
192 Holly Lawford-Smith University of Melbourne
193 Hatice Temel University of Glasgow
194 Sara Hassani Providence College
195 John Rudisill College of Wooster
196 Pekka Vayrynen University of Leeds
197 Nancy Fraser The New School
198 Zach Hoskins University of Nottingham
199 Anthony Nguyen University of Southern California
200 Rosa Terlazzo University of Rochester
201 David Schlosberg University of Sydney
202 Justin Bruner University of Arizona
203 Roger Pierce University of York
204 John Dryzek University of Canberra
205 Edmund Handby Australian National University
206 Xuanpu Zhuang Bowling Green State University
207 Shang Ha Brooklyn College
208 Maya Goldenberg University of Guelph
209 Peter Allen University of Bath
210 Clayton Littlejohn Australian Catholic University
211 John Maynor Middle Tennessee State University
212 Colin Macleod University of Victoria
213 Garrett Cullity Australian National University
214 Wojciech Sadurski University of Sydney
215 Andrew Bowie Royal Holloway
216 Massimo Renzo King’s College London
217 Chris Woodard University of Nottingham
218 Augusto Langner Carbonell Center
219 Brian Bix University of Minnesota
220 Jeremy Davis University of Georgia
221 Tommie Shelby Harvard University
222 Aaron James University of California Irvine
223 Richard Vernon Western University
224 Eric Swanson University of Michigan
225 Shang Long Yeo Monash University
226 Sungmoon Kim City University of Hong Kong
227 Conor Nakkan Australian Commonwealth Treasury
228 Elizabeth Cohen Syracuse University
229 Gabriel Gottlieb Xavier University
230 Hans Hanson University of New Mexico Los Alamos
231 Kobayashi Takuto Waseda University
232 Lisa Ellis University of Otago
233 Sam Clark Lancaster University
234 Caleb Althorpe Western University
235 Patchen Markell Cornell University
236 R. J. Leland University of Manitoba
237 Perry Dane Rutgers University Camden
238 Milla Vaha University of the South Pacific
239 Matthew Konig Adelphi University
240 Ito Katsuhiko Wako University
241 Adam Hosein Northeastern University
242 Jane Mansbridge Harvard University
243 Steven Hayward Pepperdine University
244 Daniel Weltman Ashoka University
245 Ian MacMullen University of Pennsylvania
246 Rob Reich Stanford University
247 Manuel Rodeiro Mississippi State University
248 Abby Concha University of Notre Dame
249 Ralph Wedgwood University of Southern California
250 Jaime Edwards St. Norbert College
251 Samuel Scheffler New York University
252 Joseph Fishkin University of California Los Angeles
253 Adam Kern Princeton University
254 Sue Donaldson Queen’s University
255 Sogo Hayato Waseda University
256 Joshua Cherniss Georgetown University
257 Roy Perrett Australian National University
258 Samuel Rickless University of California San Diego
259 Jeppe von Platz University of Richmond
260 Benjamin McKean Ohio State University
261 Kira Takayuki Aichi University
262 Melissa Schwartzberg New York University
263 Alexander Livingston Cornell University
264 Daniel Viehoff New York University
265 Teshima Kensuke Hitotsubashi University
266 Miyagishima Kaname Aoyama Gakuin University
267 Michael Sevel University of Sydney
268 Joseph Carens University of Toronto
269 Samantha Brennan University of Guelph
270 Alan Richardson University of British Columbia
271 Gustaf Arrhenius Stockholm University
272 Debra Satz Stanford University
273 Etienne Brown San Jose State University
274 Mark Fedyk University of California Davis
275 Bastian Steuwer Ashoka University
276 Scott Ritner University of Colorado Boulder
277 Daniele Lorenzini University of Pennsylvania
278 Tom Dougherty University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
279 James Johnson University of Rochester
280 Liam Murphy New York University
281 Zili Dong Western University
282 Torbjörn Tännsjö Stockholm University
283 Ted Lechterman Princeton University
284 Alex Gregory University of Southampton
285 Fred D’Agostino University of Queensland
286 Drew Schroeder Claremont McKenna College
287 David Sobel Syracuse University
288 Marion Godman Cambridge University
289 Barry Maguire University of Edinburgh
290 Matt Matravers York University
291 Gianfranco Pellegrino LUISS Guido Carli
292 Peter Sutch Cardiff University
293 Man-kong Li Central European University
294 Christopher Brooke Cambridge University
295 Steven Klein King’s College London
296 Matt Sleat University of Sheffield
297 Thomas Schmidt Humboldt University Berlin
298 Anthony Sangiuliano Supreme Court of Canada
299 Andrei Poama Leiden University
300 Johann Frick University of California Berkeley
301 David Braddon-Mitchell University of Sydney
302 Toon Kerkhoff Leiden University
303 Andreas Schmidt University of Groningen
304 Stuart White Oxford University
305 Alexa Zellentin University College Dublin
306 Ilkin Huseynli University of Milan
307 Richard Bellamy University College London
308 John Horton Keele University
309 Rahul Sagar New York University
310 Andreas Albertsen Aarhus University
311 Mathieu Carpentier Panthéon-Sorbonne University
312 Lior Erez Oxford University
313 Federica Liveriero University of Pavia
314 Caroline West University of Sydney
315 Shaun Nichols Cornell University
316 Matthew McKeever University of Hong Kong
317 Nahshon Perez Bar Ilan University
318 Dimitrios Efthymiou Goethe University Frankfurt
319 Kara Woodbury-Smith Durham University
320 Serena Olsaretti Pompeu Fabra University
321 Gerald Lang University of Leeds
322 Ulrik Kihlbom Uppsala University
323 Giulia Cavaliere King’s College London
324 Iain Lim KU Leuven
325 Lauritz Munch Aarhus University
326 Josh Milburn Loughborough University
327 Sandra Kroeger University of Exeter
328 Jonathan Havercroft University of Southampton
329 Nicole Prevoo Radboud University
330 Alan Malachowski University of Stellenbosch
331 Andreas Carlsson Inland Norway University
332 Derek Edyvane University of Leeds
333 Rainer Forst Goethe University Frankfurt
334 Christian Munthe University of Gothenburg
335 Hallvard Sandven Free University Berlin
336 Lars Lindblom Linköping University
337 Björn Lundgren Utrecht University
338 Jamie Draper Oxford University
339 Andreas Bengtson Aarhus University
340 Thomas Hartvigsson University of Gothenburg
341 Arnold Yasin Mol Leiden University
342 Mona Simion University of Glasgow
343 Natalie Jester University of Gloucestershire
344 Antti Kauppinen University of Helsinki
345 Emanuele Ratti University of Bristol
346 Alice el-Wakil University of Zürich
347 Catherine Lu McGill University
348 Brian Milstein University of Limerick
349 Anna Alexandrova Cambridge University
350 Valentin Beck Free University Berlin
351 Keith Dowding Australian National University
352 Kristie Miller University of Sydney
353 David Enoch Hebrew University of Jerusalem
354 Nick Clanchy Oxford University
355 Jeff Helmreich University of California Irvine
356 Daniel Schwartz Hebrew University of Jerusalem
357 Lars Samuelsson Umeå University
358 Matheson Russell University of Auckland
359 Hillel Steiner University of Manchester
360 Lucas Miotto Leeds Beckett University
361 Peter Marshall University of Kent
362 David Birks University of Hong Kong
363 Jeanette Kennett Macquarie University
364 Peter Vallentyne University of Missouri
365 Cécile Fabre Oxford University
366 Charlie Smith Oxford University
367 Anne Phillips London School of Economics
368 Theron Pummer University of St Andrews
369 Luise Müller Free University Berlin
370 Emily McTernan University College London
371 Per Wikman Svahn KTH Royal Institute of Technology
372 David Axelsen London School of Economics
373 Friderik Klampfer University of Maribor
374 Nicolas Cornell University of Michigan
375 Alejandra Mancilla University of Oslo
376 Peter Ekegren Stockholm University
377 Otávio Augusto Caldara Government of the State of São Paulo
378 Japa Pallikkathayil University of Pittsburgh
379 Isaac Taylor Stockholm University
380 Facundo Garcia Valverde Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences
381 Harvey Lederman University of Texas Austin
382 Jack Knight Duke University
383 Julie Rose Harvard University
384 Sally Haslanger Massachusetts Institute of Technology
385 Nina Žnidaršič University of Ljubljana
386 Mark Schroeder University of Southern California
387 Camila Vergara Cambridge University
388 Joan Ditzion Suffolk University
389 Jonathan Parry London School of Economics
390 Andreas Eriksen University of Oslo
391 Owen Glyn-Williams DePaul University
392 Andrei Bespalov University of Warwick
393 Terence Cuneo University of Vermont
394 Frodo Podschwadek Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz
395 Johannes Kniess Newcastle University
396 David Merli Franklin and Marshall College
397 Douglas Portmore Arizona State University
398 Jules Holroyd University of Sheffield
399 Peter Niesen University of Hamburg
400 Russell Muirhead Dartmouth College
401 Reza Mosayebi Ruhr University Bochum
402 Adam Ginsburg Georgetown University
403 Anthony Longo University of Antwerp
404 Dominique Martin Deakin University
405 Jonathan Lewis University of Manchester
406 Andreas Sorger London School of Economics
407 Bradley Hillier-Smith University of Reading
408 Jacob Barrett Oxford University
409 Cecilea Mun Purdue University
410 Stephen Everson University of York
411 Udit Bhatia University of York
412 Farbod Akhlaghi Cambridge University
413 Robert Hughes University of Pennsylvania
414 Emil Andersson Uppsala University
415 Jonathan Gingerich King’s College London
416 Sophie-Grace Chappell Open University
417 Charles Jones Western University
418 Tyler DesRoches Arizona State University
419 Devon Cass Nova University Lisbon
420 Michele Giavazzi University of Aberdeen
421 Jordan Desmond Queen’s University
422 Albert Weale University College London
423 Arietta Papaconstantinou University of Reading
424 Sean Aas Georgetown University
425 Lucas Swaine Dartmouth College
426 Eliot Michaelson King’s College London
427 Erica Preston-Roedder Occidental College
428 Stein Kuhnle University of Bergen
429 Axel West Pedersen Oslo Metropolitan University
430 Efraim Podoksik Hebrew University of Jerusalem
431 Dai Oba Oxford University
432 Benjamin Boudou University of Rennes
433 Alan Patten Princeton University
434 Andrew Johnson Philipps University Marburg
435 Henk Manschot University of Humanistic Studies
436 Karsten Klint Jensen Institute for Futures Studies
437 Nir Ben-Moshe University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
438 Shai Agmon Oxford University
439 Robert Taylor University of California Davis
440 Jordan Wallace-Wolf University of Arkansas Little Rock
441 Daniel Muñoz University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
442 Simone Chambers University of California Irvine
443 Rahul Kumar Queen’s University
444 Clare Heyward University of Tromsø
445 Arthur Ripstein University of Toronto
446 Kerstin Reibold University of Tromsø
447 Luka Glusac University of Belgrade
448 Manuel Vargas University of California San Diego
449 Morten Byskov Utrecht University
450 Lisa Herzog University of Groningen
451 Alice Crary The New School
452 Kim Angell University of Tromsø
453 Sonia Pavel Massachusetts Institute of Technology
454 Jennifer Saul University of Waterloo
455 Jeffrey Edwards Stony Brook University
456 Yunhyae Kim Harvard University
457 Amandine Catala University of Quebec Montreal
458 Jeremy Cynamon University of Georgia
459 John Abughattas University of California Berkeley
460 Gillian Russell Australian Catholic University
461 Ruth Chang Oxford University
462 Ege Yumusak Columbia University
463 Evan Fox-Decent McGill University
464 Hasana Sharp McGill University
465 Ralf Bader University of Fribourg
466 Victoria Wang University of Toronto
467 Jack Turner University of Washington
468 Stuart Elden University of Warwick
469 Dana Miranda University of Massachusetts Boston
470 Mary Leng York University
471 Eilidh Beaton University of Pennsylvania
472 John Baldari Stratford University
473 Natalie Stoljar McGill University
474 Saray Ayala California State University Sacramento
475 David Estlund Brown University
476 Charles Girard Jean Moulin University Lyon
477 Dominique Leydet University of Quebec Montreal
478 Howard Simmons McMaster University
479 Shay Welch Spelman College
480 J. Edward Hackett Southern University
481 Quinn White Harvard University
482 Mario Ricciardi University of Milan
483 Mirjam Mueller Humboldt University Berlin
484 John Brunero University of Nebraska
485 Declan Kenny University of Leeds
486 Jeremy Letwin King’s College London
487 Kartik Upadhyaya King’s College London
488 Robin Dembroff Yale University
489 Aaron Maltais Stockholm Environment Institute
490 Samuel Schmitt University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
491 Saba Bazargan-Forward University of California San Diego
492 Tae-Yeoun Keum University of California Santa Barbara
493 Hanna Pickard Johns Hopkins University
494 Dan Khokhar University of California Berkeley
495 Michael Caie University of Toronto
496 Khanh Vu University of Warwick
497 Avshalom Schwartz Stanford University
498 Dorothea Touwen Leiden University
499 Michael Rooney Pasadena City College
500 Einar Øverbye Oslo Metropolitan University
501 Svenja Ahlhaus University of Hamburg
502 Andy Lamey University of California San Diego
503 Ryoa Chung University of Montreal
504 Steven Lecce University of Winnipeg
505 Michel Seymour University of Montreal
506 Alison Jaggar University of Colorado Boulder
507 Pascal Brixel Clemson University
508 Davide Panagia University of California Los Angeles
509 David Williams DePaul University
510 Will Mittendorf Cerritos College
511 Paul Linden-Retek University at Buffalo
512 Giulio Fornaroli Jagiellonian University
513 David Froomkin Yale University
514 Felipe Jimenez University of Southern California
515 Kai Yui Samuel Chan University of California Berkeley
516 Kimberly Ferzan University of Pennsylvania
517 Ayten Gundogdu Barnard College
518 Andrew Altman Georgia State University
519 Brian Chaze University of Manitoba
520 Goran Duus-Otterstrom University of Gothenburg
521 Elizabeth Brake Rice University
522 Sankar Muthu University of Chicago
523 Ny Vasil California State University East Bay
524 Miranda Fricker New York University
525 Daniel Star Boston University
526 Cat Saint-Croix University of Minnesota
527 Briana McGinnis College of Charleston
528 Kelly Janssen Radboud University
529 Blair Peruniak University of Ottawa
530 Paul Kelly London School of Economics
531 Simon Thompson University of the West of England
532 Véronique Munoz-Dardé University College London
533 Matthew Lindauer City University of New York
534 Deborah Hellman University of Virginia
535 Samuel Hayat CNRS/SciencesPo
536 James Patterson Ave Maria University
537 Catherine Elgin Harvard University
538 Thomas Sinclair Oxford University
539 Benjamin Ewing Queen’s University
540 Espen Gamlund University of Bergen
541 Cherelle De Leeuw Radboud University
542 Sarah Song University of California Berkeley
543 Mustafa Aghahosseini Rice University
544 Lucia Rafanelli George Washington University
545 Victor Kumar Boston University
546 Adam Lindsay University of Nottingham
547 Daniel Wodak University of Pennsylvania
548 Iseult Honohan University College Dublin
549 Delia Popescu Le Moyne College
550 Mario Ivan Juarez Garcia University of San Diego
551 Maureen O’Malley University of Sydney
552 Peter Dietsch University of Victoria
553 Dennis Whitcomb Western Washington University
554 Trevor Latimer Dartmouth College
555 Elisabeth Anker George Washington University
556 Marcel Wissenburg Radboud University
557 Avigail Eisenberg University of Victoria
558 Jennifer Rubenstein University of Virginia
559 Josh Petersen University of Michigan
560 Taojie Wang Brown University
561 Duncan Bell Cambridge University
562 Volkan Gül Kütahya Dumlupinar University
563 Neil Roberts University of Toronto
564 Max Fedoseev Australian National University
565 Ten-Herng Lai University of Melbourne
566 Matthew Shields Wake Forest University
567 Peter Brian Barry Saginaw Valley State University
568 Nicholas Drake Australian National University
569 Tamler Sommers University of Houston
570 Patrick Williamson Oxford University
571 Sara Wexler Columbia University
572 Matthew Chrisman University of Edinburgh
573 Boran Beric City University of New York
574 Stéphane Lemaire University of Rennes
575 Stefan Eich Georgetown University
576 Ingrid Creppell George Washington University
577 Erica Shumener Syracuse University
578 David Watkins University of Dayton
579 Bhanuraj Kashyap Macquarie University
580 Ann Ferguson University of Massachusetts Amherst
581 Jennifer Morton University of Pennsylvania
582 Karen Jones University of Melbourne
583 Samuel Elgin University of California San Diego
584 Piers Stephens University of Georgia
585 Carl Brusse University of Sydney
586 Jake Zuehl New York University
587 Lisa Schwartzman Michigan State University
588 Alexander Schaefer New York University
589 Tom Cochrane Flinders University
590 Stefan Sciaraffa McMaster University
591 Gordon Hull University of North Carolina Charlotte
592 Renee Jorgensen University of Michigan
593 Atticus Carnell Princeton University
594 Crescente Molina Harvard University
595 John McCormick University of Chicago
596 Noah Betz-Richman Columbia University
597 Yvonne Chiu U.S. Naval War College
598 Ashwini Vasanthakumar Queen’s University
599 Gina Calderone Houston Community College
600 Blake Francis University of Maryland Baltimore County
601 George Tsai University of Hawaii at Manoa
602 Edmund Flanigan LMU Munich
603 Erik Angner Stockholm University
604 Michael Vincent University of Queensland
605 Armando Perez-Gea Stanford University
606 John Meyer Cal Poly Humboldt
607 Michael Yudanin University of Georgia
608 David Plunkett Dartmouth College
609 Simon Kirchin University of Kent
610 Christel Fricke University of Oslo
611 John Schwenkler Florida State University
612 Philipp Stehr Utrecht University
613 Christine Straehle Hamburg University
614 Kent Gustavsson Luleå University of Technology
615 Justin Bernstein Free University Amsterdam
616 Micha Gläser University of Zürich
617 Michael Zürn Free University Berlin
618 Hugo Cossette-Lefebvre Aarhus University
619 Jelena Belic Leiden University
620 Alexander Prescott-Couch Oxford University
621 Stefan Gosepath Free University Berlin
622 William Smith Chinese University of Hong Kong
623 Cillian McBride Queen’s University Belfast
624 Nick Hughes Oxford University
625 Tim Meijers Leiden University
626 Heather Browning University of Southampton
627 Mona Rezazadeh University of Nevada Las Vegas
628 Jean-Paul De Lucca University of Malta
629 Rik Pulles Radboud University
630 Benjamin De Mesel KU Leuven
631 Sander Werkhoven Utrecht University
632 Gunnar Björnsson Stockholm University
633 Leo Townsend University of Reading
634 Filip Mattens KU Leuven
635 Hans Radder Free University Amsterdam
636 Auke Pols Wageningen University
637 Jan Bransen Radboud University
638 Stijn Neuteleers Open University Netherlands
639 Simone Sommer Degn Aarhus University
640 Frank Hindriks Groningen University
641 Atoosa Kasirzadeh University of Edinburgh
642 Sabine Hohl University of Bayreuth
643 Lieke Asma Munich School of Philosophy
644 Federico Zuolo University of Genoa
645 Lisa Rivera University of Massachusetts Boston
646 Romy Eskens Utrecht University
647 Samuel Malm Umeå University
648 Chong-Ming Lim Nanyang Technological University
649 Thomas Hurka University of Toronto
650 Jason Brennan Georgetown University
651 Peng Yu Earlham College
652 Stephen Campbell Bentley University
653 Beate Roessler University of Amsterdam
654 Joseph MacKay Australian National University
655 Marion Smit Hogeschool van Amsterdam
656 Fredrik Svenaeus Södertörn University
657 Andrea Capussela London School of Economics
658 David Rosenthal City University of New York
659 Christopher Wareham Utrecht University
660 Marni Williams Australian National University
661 Clint Verdonschot Utrecht University
662 Niels Martens Utrecht University
663 Mingiu Lee University of California Irvine
664 Elisabeth Widmer University of Oslo
665 Andrew Lau London School of Economics
666 Robert Siscoe University of Arizona
667 Anne Norton University of Pennsylvania
668 Niels de Haan University of Vienna
669 Anke Devyver KU Leuven
670 Jeroen Hopster Utrecht University
671 Alexander Motchoulski University of Virginia
672 David Cunningham University of Westminster
673 Rob Sips TU Eindhoven
674 Maarten Van Doorn Central European University
675 Marcel Verweij Wageningen University
676 Daniel James Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
677 Martina Valkovic Radboud University
678 Sahar Akhtar Georgetown University
679 Olle Blomberg University of Gothenburg
680 Arvid Båve University of Lisbon
681 Tully Rector Utrecht University
682 Tina Rulli University of California Davis
683 Eamon Aloyo Leiden University
684 Steven Schaus University of Michigan
685 Lorenz Lüthi McGill University
686 Regina Schouten Harvard University
687 Elad Uzan Oxford University
688 Matthew Rachar Douglas College
689 Adam Omelianchuk Baylor College of Medicine
690 Rania Papasozomenou Arden University
691 Steven Pittz University of Colorado Colorado Springs
692 Carl Fox University of Leeds
693 Maxime Lepoutre University of Reading
694 Michael Braunschweig University of Zürich
695 Serene Khader City University of New York
696 Normunds Kamergrauzis Uppsala University
697 Jesper Ahlin Marceta KTH Royal Institute of Technology
698 Avia Pasternak University of Toronto
699 Christian Rostbøll University of Copenhagen
700 Victor Sanchez-Mazas University of Geneva
701 Harry Brighouse University of Wisconsin Madison
702 Andreas Cassee University of Mannheim
703 Caroline Ashcroft Queen Mary University of London
704 Théophile Pénigaud ENS Lyon
705 Friedemann Bieber University of Zürich
706 Aaron Landau Wheaton College
707 Claudio Michelon University of Edinburgh
708 Lisa Forsberg Oxford University
709 David Lefkowitz University of Richmond
710 Steven Ratner University of Michigan
711 Markus Patberg University of Hamburg
712 Andreas Follesdal University of Oslo
713 Glenn Mackin University of Rochester
714 Victor Muniz-Fraticelli McGill University
715 Sean Gray Memorial University of Newfoundland
716 Ásta Duke University
717 Bruno Leipold University College London
718 Yazmin Munoz Georgetown University
719 Iñigo González-Ricoy University of Barcelona
720 Benjamin Yost Cornell University
721 Andrew Williams Pompeu Fabra University
722 Laura Weigl Humboldt University of Berlin
723 Mary Liston University of British Columbia
724 Anh Quan Nguyen University of St Andrews
725 Robert Johnson University of Missouri
726 Travis Timmerman Seton Hall University
727 Melissa Williams University of Toronto
728 Torrey Shanks University of Toronto
729 Frauke Albersmeier Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
730 Alexander Christian Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
731 Mitchell Berman University of Pennsylvania
732 Jenna Donohue Harvard University
733 Amber Kavka-Warren University of California Los Angeles
734 Saul Nassau European Graduate School
735 Peteris Timofejevs Henriksson Umeå University
736 Rima Basu Claremont McKenna College
737 Nina Hagel Wesleyan University
738 Megan Blomfield University of Sheffield
739 Shmulik Nili Northwestern University
740 Elinor Mason University of California Santa Barbara
741 Candice Delmas Northeastern University
742 Julia Nefsky University of Toronto
743 Laura Ephraim Williams College
744 Eugene V. Torisky Jr. St Vincent College
745 Michael Robinson Chapman University
746 Thaddeus Metz University of Pretoria
747 Louis-Philippe Hodgson York University
748 Simon Keller Victoria University of Wellington
749 Elizabeth Finneron-Burns Western University
750 Scott Hershovitz University of Michigan
751 Juan Piñeros Glasscock Georgia State University
752 Derek Baker Lingnan University
753 Ramona Ilea Pacific University
754 Yarran Hominh Bard College
755 Cécile Laborde Oxford University
756 Preston Stovall University of Hradec Králové
757 Peter Suber Harvard University
758 Jeff Spinner-Halev University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
759 Jurgen De Wispelaere Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
760 Christian Miller Wake Forest University
761 Christie Hartley Georgia State University
762 Michael Ridge University of Edinburgh
763 Nils Holtug University of Copenhagen
764 Piers Turner Ohio State University
765 Sarah Hannan University of Manitoba
766 Susan Bickford University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
767 Kalle Grill Umeå University
768 Theo Christov George Washington University
769 John McMillan University of Otago
770 Eamonn Callan Stanford University
771 Orri Stefánsson Stockholm University
772 Susan Erck Mississippi State University
773 Luke Maring Northern Arizona University
774 Perica Jovchevski Central European University
775 David P. Schweikard Europa University Flensburg
776 Rafael Vizcaíno DePaul University
777 Carl Knight University of Glasgow
778 Tristram Mcpherson Ohio State University
779 David Grewal University of California Berkeley
780 Elizabeth Finneron-Burns Western University
781 Seung-Hee Son University of Utah
782 Robert Streiffer University of Wisconsin Madison
783 S. Matthew Liao New York University
784 Adam Rigoni Arizona State University
785 Alexandre Erler National Yang Ming University
786 Ben Blumson National University of Singapore
787 Alice MacLachlan York University
788 Daniel Halliday University of Melbourne
789 Paul Tubig University of Washington
790 R. Jay Wallace University of California Berkeley
791 Evan Behrle New York University
792 Sunkyoung Park Incheon National University
793 Sabine Tsuruda Queen’s University
794 Amy M. Schmitter University of Alberta
795 Markku Oksanen University of Eastern Finland
796 Will Bosworth Australian National University
797 Aurélia Bardon University of Konstanz
798 Michael Morreau University of Tromsø
799 Ben Davies Oxford University
800 Ian O’Flynn University of Newcastle
801 Andres Moles Central European University
802 Markus Furendal Stockholm University
803 Matthew Walsh Aarhus University
804 Bart van Leeuwen Radboud University
805 Matthias Kramm Wageningen University
806 Valeria Ottonelli University of Genova
807 Henok Girma Abebe KTH Royal Institute of Technology
808 Johannes Himmelreich Syracuse University
809 Eric Brandstedt Lund University
810 Erica Yu Erasmus University Rotterdam
811 Eilev Hegstad Oslo Metropolitan University
812 Tim Fowler University of Bristol
813 Johanna Thoma University of Bayreuth
814 Yaron Tzuk Hebrew University of Jerusalem
815 Andrew March University of Massachusetts Amherst
816 William Lucy Durham University
817 Todd Karhu King’s College London
818 Diego Exposito University of Sheffield
819 Robert Huseby University of Oslo
820 Alexandra Couto University of Kent
821 Rafeeq Hasan Amherst College
822 Ian Carroll Oxford University
823 Tsuji Yusuke Waseda University
824 Lukas Schmid European University Institute
825 Vittorio Bufacchi University College Cork
826 Anna Petronella Foultier Umeå University
827 Marcelo Jenny University of Innsbruck
828 Elizabeth Anderson University of Michigan
829 David DeGrazia George Washington University
830 Catherine Koekoek Erasmus University Rotterdam
831 Alec Stone Sweet Yale University
832 Graham Wright Brandeis University
833 Cindy Friedman Utrecht University
834 Ryan Netzley Southern Illinois University
835 Jennifer Page University of Zürich
836 Christopher Zurn University of Massachusetts Boston
837 Michael Eigner University of Groningen
838 Chiara Valsangiacomo University of Zürich
839 Dana Howard Ohio State University
840 Jan-Willem van der Rijt Umeå University
841 Anna Boos University of Zürich
842 Timo Jütten University of Essex
843 Joerg Schaub University of Essex
844 Osawa Shin University of Kitakyushu
845 Steven Wall University of Arizona
846 Ragnar Francén University of Gothenburg
847 Patrick Tomlin University of Warwick
848 Beau Mount University of Konstanz
849 Kritika Maheshwari Delft University of Technology
850 Rebecca Stangl University of Virginia
851 Amy Reed-Sandoval University of Nevada Las Vegas
852 Colin Marshall University of Washington
853 George Agich Bowling Green State University
854 Josiah Ober Stanford University
855 Jordan MacKenzie Virginia Tech
856 Malu Verkeil Radboud University
857 S. J. Beard University of Cambridge
858 Graham Hubbs University of Idaho
859 Megan Hyska Northwestern University
860 Logan Canada-Johnson University of Southern California
861 Lilian Bermejo Luque University of Granada
862 Adam Swift University College London
863 Javier Rodríguez-Alcázar University of Granada
864 Helena de Bres Wellesley College
865 Stephen Finlay Australian Catholic University
866 Suzanne Uniacke Charles Sturt University
867 Baldwin Wong Hong Kong Baptist University
868 Andrew Stewart University of Southern California
869 Seok-ju Cho Sungkyunkwan University
870 Oscar Garza University of the Americas Puebla
871 Woo Chang Kang Korea University
872 Antony Duff University of Stirling
873 Bald de Vries Utrecht University
874 Hanoch Ben Yami Central European University
875 Mark Timmons University of Arizona
876 Martin Beckstein University of Zürich
877 Zoltan Miklosi Central European University
878 Hein Duijf Utrecht University
879 Jens Jørund Tyssedal Aarhus University
880 Sorin Baiasu Keele University
881 Sara Amighetti University of Zürich
882 Arto Laitinen Tampere University
883 Helen Lauer University of Dar es Salaam
884 Amia Srinivasan Oxford University
885 Stephen de Wijze University of Manchester
886 Daniel Sharp LMU Munich
887 Kjartan K. Mikalsen Norwegian University of Science and Technology
888 Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen Lund University
889 Jay Zameska University of Tartu
890 Nigel Pleasants University of Exeter
891 Brian Rosebury University of Central Lancashire
892 Phil Bielby University of Hull
893 Krister Bykvist Stockholm University
894 Kenneth Silver Trinity College Dublin
895 Anne Sophie Meincke University of Vienna
896 Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott University of York
897 Samuel Azzopardi University of Malta
898 Keith Hyams University of Warwick
899 Wlodek Rabinowicz Lund University
900 Viktor Ivankovic University of Zagreb
901 Domenico Fiormonte Roma Tre University
902 Lev Lamberov Ural Federal University
903 Michael Garnett Birkbeck College
904 Tatiana Vaizer TU Dresden
905 Antoinette Scherz Stockholm University
906 Casper Verstegen Utrecht University
907 Huaming Xu University of Leeds
908 Daniel Kilov Australian National University
909 Kent Worcester Marymount Manhattan College
910 Jonas Hodel University of Tübingen
911 Nicholas Bunnin Oxford University
912 Claus Offe Hertie School of Governance
913 Peter Stone Trinity College Dublin
914 Michael Robbins Montclair State University
915 Ralph Bannell Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
916 James Humphries University of Glasgow
917 Alexandra Abranches University of Minho
918 Courtney Cox Fordham Law School
919 David Miller Oxford University
920 Hong Do Central European University
921 Michael Milona Toronto Metropolitan University
922 Tammy Harel Ben Shahar University of Haifa
923 Marcus Schultz-Bergin Cleveland State University
924 Victoria Costa College of William and Mary
925 Gabriele Contessa Carleton University
926 Julian Culp American University of Paris
927 Isaac Wiegman Texas State University
928 Mike Ashfield Utah State University
929 Thomas Boyer-Kassem University of Poitiers
930 Mihaela Georgieva University of Luxembourg
931 Jorge Sanchez-Perez University of Alberta
932 Agatha Slupek University of Chicago
933 Sean Donahue Australian National University
934 Ben Saunders University of Southampton
935 Jonathan Dixon Wake Forest University
936 Usha Nathan Louisiana State University
937 Stephen Winter University of Auckland
938 Lachlan Umbers University of Western Australia
939 Bart Raymaekers KU Leuven
940 Dmitry Sereda Central European University
941 Rachana Kamtekar Cornell University
942 Zoltán Gábor Szűcs Eötvös Lorand University
943 Laura Montanaro University of Essex
944 Thomas Fossen Leiden University
945 Paul Billingham Oxford University
946 Jahel Queralt Lange Pompeu Fabra University
947 Richard Hull University of Galway
948 Christina Easton London School of Economics
949 Kieran Oberman London School of Economics
950 Siba Harb Tilburg University
951 Lukas Fuchs TU Eindhoven
952 Keith Breen Queen’s University Belfast
953 Peter Moriss University of Galway
954 Sabeen Ahmed Swarthmore College
955 Enzo Rossi University of Amsterdam
956 Graham Finlay University College Dublin
957 Tivadar Vervoort KU Leuven
958 Christine Dunn Henderson Singapore Management University
959 Martijn Hesselink European University Institute
960 Joshua Preiss Minnesota State University Mankato
961 Halil Yenigun San Jose State University
962 Zsolt Kapelner University of Tromsø
963 Samia Hesni Boston University
964 Ludvig Beckman Stockholm University
965 Arno Stirnimann University of Zürich
966 Palle Bech-Pedersen University of Hamburg
967 Matthias Fritsch Concordia University
968 Juuso Kähönen University of Helsinki
969 Shuk Ying Chan University College London
970 Seena Eftekhari Tufts University
971 Lauren Somers New York University
972 Zina Ward Florida State University
973 Lasse Nielsen University of Southern Denmark
974 Theodore Stone University of Amsterdam
975 Zlatko Hadzidedic Center for Nationalism Studies
976 Gerhard Thonhauser TU Darmstadt
977 Christian Hiebaum University of Graz
978 Nina van Heeswijk University of Gothenburg
979 George Klosko University of Virginia
980 Tamara Jugov TU Dresden
981 Robbie Arrell University of Leeds
982 Jakob Huber Free University Berlin
983 Takuya Nakaizumi Kanto-Gakuin University
984 Constanze Binder Erasmus University Rotterdam
985 Julian Friedland Metropolitan State University of Denver
986 Rahel Jaeggi Humboldt University of Berlin
987 Raphaël Droszewski INALCO
988 Derk Venema Open University Netherlands
989 Mara-Daria Cojocaru Jesuit Munich School of Philosophy
990 Hannah McHugh University College London
991 Alexandra Oprea University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
992 Mika LaVaque-Manty University of Michigan
993 Paul Bou-Habib University of Essex
994 Arianna Dini London School of Economics
995 Martin Gustafsson Åbo Akademi University
996 Daniele Botti Quinnipiac University
997 Alfred Mele Florida State University
998 Luke Armstrong University of Glasgow
999 Aness Webster Durham University
1000 Anthoula Malkopoulou Lund University
1001 Cynthia Stark University of Utah
1002 Joan McGregor Arizona State University
1003 Andrew Lister Queen’s University
1004 Richard Dagger University of Richmond
1005 Suzy Killmister Monash University
1006 Eric Heinze Queen Mary University of London
1007 Carlos Pereira Di Salvo University of Pennsylvania
1008 James Taylor The College of New Jersey
1009 Naomi van Steenbergen Utrecht University
1010 Joel Reynolds Georgetown University
1011 Jocelyn Maclure McGill University
1012 Mark McBride National University of Singapore
1013 Matthew Wiseman University of Southern California
1014 Bradley Strawser Naval Postgraduate School
1015 Daniel Wikler Harvard University
1016 Femi Omotoyinbo Queen’s University Belfast
1017 Wendy Donner Carleton University
1018 Kenneth Baynes Syracuse University
1019 Rowan Cruft University of Stirling
1020 Andreas Marcou University of Central Lancashire Cyprus
1021 Saladin Meckled-Garcia University College London
1022 Filippa Ronquist University College London
1023 Gah-Kai Leung University of Warwick
1024 Isabella Trifan University of Essex
1025 Andrew Mason University of Warwick
1026 Michael Fitzgerald University of Ottawa
1027 Peter Givorshner Charles Sturt University
1028 Madison Powers Georgetown University
1029 Ana Cláudia Lopes Silveira Federal University of Bahia
1030 Ronni Gura Sadovsky Trinity University
1031 Steffen Ganghof University of Potsdam
1032 Morgane Delorme University of Montreal
1033 Susanna Schellenberg Rutgers University
1034 Alon Harel Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1035 Heiko Schmengler Utrecht University
1036 Sebastian Conte Norwegian Defence University College
1037 James Christensen University of Essex
1038 Elvira Basevich University of California Davis
1039 Zofia Stemplowska Oxford University
1040 Johannes Schulz University of Lucerne
1041 Merten Reglitz University of Birmingham
1042 Claudia Landwehr Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
1043 Oda Davanger Norwegian University of Science and Technology
1044 Lovro Savić Oxford University
1045 Julia Maskivker Rollins College
1046 Hannes Bajohr University of Basel
1047 Alexander Kaufman University of Georgia
1048 Philip Cook University of Edinburgh
1049 Matheson Russell University of Auckland
1050 Kristina Meshelski California State University Northridge
1051 Ugur Aytac Utrecht University
1052 Peter Godfrey-Smith University of Sydney
1053 Rebecca Walker University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
1054 Jacob Rump Creighton University
1055 Eric Brown University of Colorado Boulder
1056 Leonhard Menges University of Salzburg
1057 Huw Rees Cardiff University
1058 Avishay Ben Sasson-Gordis Harvard University
1059 Esa Díaz León University of Barcelona
1060 Gianni Sarra King’s College London
1061 Carl Pierer Cambridge University
1062 Philip Thibodeau City University of New York
1063 Nadia Hilliard University College London
1064 Moya Lloyd University of Essex
1065 Annette Martín University of Illinois Chicago
1066 Vincent Harting London School of Economics
1067 Samuel Asarnow Macalester College
1068 Tom Theuns Leiden University
1069 Rubén Marciel University of Barcelona
1070 Tomer Perry Minerva University
1071 Charles Masquelier University of Exeter
1072 Jason Hannan University of Winnipeg
1073 Chris Lyon University of Birmingham
1074 Ole Martin Moen Oslo Metropolitan University
1075 Julia Driver University of Texas Austin
1076 George Pavlakos University of Glasgow
1077 Adam Etinson University of St Andrews
1078 Ana-Maria Szilagyi Sciences Po Paris
1079 Sergio Bedoya Cortés University of the Andes
1080 Samuel Bagg University of South Carolina
1081 Sameer Bajaj University of Warwick
1082 Manuel Sá Valente UC Lille
1083 Aliya Dewey University of Erlangen-Nuremburg
1084 Chris Kramer Santa Barbara City College
1085 Bosko Tripkovic University of Birmingham
1086 Jason Lemmon University of Nebraska Lincoln
1087 Viki Pedersen Aarhus University
1088 Cicerón Muro Cabral Complutense University of Madrid
1089 Dan Taylor Open University UK
1090 Ethan Bradley National Institutes of Health
1091 Alex Bryan Cambridge University
1092 Andrew Sabl University of Toronto
1093 Jonathan Trerise Coastal Carolina University
1094 Dick Timmer TU Dortmund
1095 Thomas Harvey University of Auckland
1096 David Owen University of Southampton
1097 Lukas Schmid Goethe University Frankfurt
1098 Sophie Smith Oxford University
1099 Luis Felipe Piedrahita University of Antioquia
1100 Mauricio Algalan National Autonomous University of Mexico
1101 Ko Hasegawa Hokkaido University
1102 Michael Fuerstein St. Olaf College
1103 Lindsey Chambers University of Kentucky
1104 Nancy Luxon University of Minnesota Twin Cities
1105 Colin Koopman University of Oregon
1106 Faisal Bhabha University of Toronto
1107 Lasse Thomassen Queen Mary University of London

To add your name to this list, please visit the resolution page at and include your institutional affiliation (if applicable) in lieu of your location.

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Junior Academic
1 year ago

I share the petitioners’ anger towards Wiley and laud the goal of protecting the integrity of academic publishing. But I worry about the specifics of the boycott, especially the call to “refuse any request to review papers submitted for publication in the journal”. What of the junior or aspiring academics who have a paper currently under review there, perhaps awaiting additional reviews, who could not have known what was about to transpire, and who do not have the luxury of being able to be picky about where to submit, and who could not reasonably be asked to forgo a prestigious publishing opportunity? I wonder, non-rhetorically: is there a way of taking collective action that doesn’t directly cause additional misery for innocent bystanders of this sort? (Note that while I am a junior academic, my area of specialisation means that JPP was never a target journal for me anyway – so this isn’t about personal stakes)

Reply to  Junior Academic
1 year ago

Thanks for the question. As Justin mentions, since Prof. Goodin’s removal is not immediate, there will be time before the boycott prevents people from reviewing currently submitted or R&R papers. I would certainly not refuse a request to review a paper from any of the current editorial team. But I would not myself submit a wholly new paper to the journal until the situation is satisfactorily resolved.

Reply to  Junior Academic
1 year ago

JPP should not and will not remain a “prestigious publishing opportunity” under these conditions.

J Edeltrud Hackett
J Edeltrud Hackett
Reply to  Junior Academic
1 year ago

Junior colleagues should be warned about publishing in a journal whose integrity has been compromised already. They should pull their papers and go elsewhere.

Reply to  J Edeltrud Hackett
1 year ago

This seems like horrendous advice to junior colleagues. Not submitting to this journal in the future is one thing, but suggesting that our junior colleagues should pull papers currently in review and start the process again with their tenure clock running is highly problematic. I certainly hope no one reviewing tenure cases has such a kneejerk reaction to seeing JPP articles in tenure files!

Reply to  J Edeltrud Hackett
1 year ago

Like Tim, I do not believe anyone should take any precipitous action in pulling papers that are currently at some point in the review process at JPP. Nor should the boycott be interpreted as exhorting people to do that.

In addition to the interests of junior people coming up for tenure, there is also the work already done by reviewers and editors that should be taken into account. I think it should be enough to make clear to Wiley that there is no future to the journal without editorial independence without having to cause significant harm to anyone in the short term.

My hope is that a massive, immediate, and unambiguous show of support from the broader political philosophy community will demonstrate to Wiley the need for them to negotiate an appropriate resolution with the current editorial team very quickly, so that we can all get back to normal as soon as possible.

Last edited 1 year ago by SCM
Lev Anter
1 year ago

Shouldn’t we as a reaction to this unacceptable behavior, respond with a proportionate response? Wiley has decided to value profits over their reputation & integrity. We must show Wiley and others who wish to follow foot why, in the field of philosophy, this is unacceptable. I would create a separate more general petition which includes the following:

  • Beginning Immediately we will refrain from buying any Wiley product for teaching or personal use
  • Beginning Immediately we will refrain from sponsoring, advertising, or recommending any Wiley product.
  • ….

Not only this but we should, likewise, put this on social media to protest such profit-seeking choices and urge anyone who wishes to sign and adhere to this more general petition to do so.

In this manner, we would be able to take a two-prong approach. One with a more general protest against profit-seeking in philosophy, and a more narrow approach from refusing to support such journals as we see here. Maybe even include an alternative version for grad students and the non-tenured so they can sign anonymously with verification.

This Wiley Mindset has harmed this field before, has harmed this field now, and will continue to harm this field. We cannot sit back and continue to be so accommodating.

Of course, I would recommend someone more personally involved in the controversy to actually spark this and involve that ethos here. Also they can likely, you know, draw my bite back as is needed.

Another consideration would be the lack of response making Wiley and others more brazen.

MMargaret Atherton
MMargaret Atherton
Reply to  Lev Anter
1 year ago

Wiley Blackwell publishes a lot of books in philosophy. A boycott of the extent you advise would disadvantage of people who are not otherwise engaged in this matter (including me.)

Reply to  Lev Anter
1 year ago

Let’s say academic publishing were accepted as integral to the purpose and functioning of universities, and that universities decided, collectively, that academic publishing should not be controlled by parasitic firms. In 2023, the combined endowments of US universities summed to US$700b. Assuming 0.06% annual growth, US endowments earn a combined annual income of US$42B. Universities could decide to direct 5% of this income to non-profit academic journals, i.e., US$2.1B. An intervention of this kind could rapidly undermine the business models of the big five commercial publishers as well-resourced non-profit journals rise to challenge the incumbent commercial journals. Universities could simultaneously stipulate that where their faculty provide services to for-profit journals, they would be required to charge the standard university-determined external consultancy fee, i.e., a minimum of US$200 per hour. Univerisities could return a share of this new revenue source to their endowments, although it would inevitably decline over time as the commercial publishers lost their market share and then eventually collapsed.

Reply to  Jensen
1 year ago

I would like to know how much universities around the world spend, in total, on academic journals via their library subscriptions and via publication fees. Then how much of that is for philosophy, insofar as that can be determined, more-or-less. And then how many journals could be run with all that money. Let the universities own the journals and pay for their operations, and stop spending money on receiving back the fruits of the labour of the people they already employ.

Last edited 1 year ago by SCM
Publishing and perishing
Reply to  Jensen
1 year ago

US universities already direct funds to their own non-profit presses. Despite this, university presses, OUP aside, don’t dominate in the way the for-profits tend to.

Reply to  Publishing and perishing
1 year ago

Sure, but not 5%. And let’s see how the for-profits fare without subsidies, i.e., free expert labor

Louis F. Cooper
1 year ago

I don’t really fit into the category of people invited to sign the petition, so I wasn’t planning to. However, I was curious to see the list of signatories so far. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to see the list of signatories on the site. So I clicked “sign the petition” thinking that might be a way to see the list and that there would be a further step before actually signing. That was a wrong guess: I still couldn’t see the list of signatories but my name was added to the petition. (Oh, well.)

P.s. I would think the petition’s impact would be increased if it were possible to access the names of all the signatories. However, unless there’s some link or button on the site that I missed, it isn’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by Louis F. Cooper
Sergio Tenenbaum
Sergio Tenenbaum
Reply to  Louis F. Cooper
1 year ago

The petition owners can download the signatories when they eventually send the petition to Wiley or at any other time. But makes only comments visible, not a list of signatories.

Reply to  Louis F. Cooper
1 year ago

As Sergio mentions, this is apparently, and unfortunately, now standard practice at I have downloaded a list of the signatures so far and am currently checking for people’s institutional affiliations. I will send it to Justin to post here, with an updated list tomorrow, etc.

1 year ago

I have compiled the list from a spreadsheet downloaded from Not everyone who signed the petition seemed to me to be someone professionally involved in the discipline, so I have not included their names. If you signed the petition earlier than about 5:00pm EST Sunday 30 April, give or take, but don’t see your name in the list, please email me so I can rectify that. smay at fsu dot edu

Moreover, if the institutional affiliation next to your name is incorrect, please email me so I can correct that too. smay at fsu dot edu

David Wallace
1 year ago

Justin Weinberg and Brian Leiter as signatories to the same petition: surely a portent that the End Times are near.

Helen Lauer
1 year ago

 Robert Goodin for decades has been a wielder of the moral compass at the intersection of economics, political philosophy, decision theory, inductivist logic — as important a leader in these domains as Burton Dreben (Quine’s teacher) was in mathematical logic (and more prolific!)
Yet here we are.
It couldn’t get more distopian in academic publishing. The next stage will be where such outrage and epistemicide will no longer register as such.  

Reply to  Helen Lauer
1 year ago

Burt Dreben was Quine’s student, not his teacher. Dreben was born in 1927, Quine in 1908