Summer 2023 Plans: A Note To Readers

Dear Readers,

[“Summer” by Zola Weinberg]

I’ll be slowing down the pace of posts at Daily Nous considerably for the summer again, starting this week and continuing through mid-August.

As with last summer, some terrific philosophers are writing pieces for a series of guest posts. These will appear each Tuesday, starting today. I’m so grateful for their help in keeping DN a lively place over the summer, giving us all so much to think and talk about.

There will be occasional news round-ups and updates, including posts for readers to share news and links, but news articles and the like will not be appearing on a regular basis during this time.

Note that since I won’t be working on site as constantly as I usually do, comments held up in moderation may sometimes take a little while longer to appear, and emails may take a little longer to be answered. I appreciate your patience with all of that. (Also, I know that email subscriptions to the site are still not working properly; I will try to get that fixed over the next few weeks.)

In mid-August, Daily Nous will resume daily postings about news and issues in academic philosophy, along with its regular features.

In the meanwhile, philosofriends, get some sunshine and fresh air, read an amazing novel, listen to some beautiful music, think new thoughts, and have a great summer.*

– Justin

(* Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case, have a great winter.)

Beyond the Ivory Tower. Workshop for academics on writing short pieces for wide audiences on big questions. Taking place October 18th to 19th. Application deadline July 30th. Funding provided.
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