Rutgers Strike Suspended; Unions Accept “Framework” for New Contracts

“The leadership bodies of our three unions have voted to accept a framework for new contracts and to suspend our strike and return to work immediately.”

So begins an announcement from Rutgers AAUP-AFT, Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union, and AAUP-BHSNJ. While the framework is not yet a full agreement, the unions appear to be confident that there will be an acceptable one for their members to vote on soon. They say:

We believe we have secured profound victories for our unions in this framework: significant pay increases for adjuncts; substantial raises for grad workers, moving them toward a living wage; major job security improvements for adjunct and non-tenure-track faculty; union representation for graduate fellows; pay increases for postdocs; our first common good demands to center our students and communities; greater faculty control over teaching conditions, including scheduling; a common contract including academic and medical faculty; and more.

More info here.

UPDATE: A person affiliated with Rutgers writes in to emphasize that in a follow-up announcement the unions write: “We have only suspended the strike, not canceled it. If we don’t win what we need on these open issues, we can and will continue with the work stoppage.” The also not that in addition to the outstanding issues mentioned in that announcement, “we in the union are still fighting for COVID funding extensions for graduate students, housing justice and debt forgiveness for undergraduates and community members, and broader community funding from the University.”



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