Referee Awards

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science just awarded its 2022 Referee of the Year award to Kenneth Aizawa (Rutgers Newark).

The editorial team writes, “Across 2022, one person rose above some stiff competition to win our referee of the year award. Kenneth Aizawa consistently demonstrated great generosity with his expertise, providing our editors with speedy and judicious advice and our authors with the sort of insight that brings out the best in their projects. We are tremendously grateful to Ken for his invaluable contribution to our discipline.” The award includes a lifetime honorary membership in the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.

When I last posted about this award, back in 2020, I asked whether other journals had such awards. At the time, none did. Have any been instituted since then? Or any other mechanisms for rewarding referee work?

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Erik Magnusson
1 year ago

I remember that JESP initiated a “Referee Honor Roll” a few years back, though it doesn’t look like they’ve continued it. It’s too bad. Reviewing papers can be thankless job, particularly for those of us outside of TT jobs where doing so doesn’t contribute to professional service, so it’s nice to have these kinds of recognitions.

Kenneth Silver
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure that Business Ethics Quarterly has an annual award for a reviewer given at the annual meeting of the Society for Business Ethics. Maybe for the next one I’ll forward the info.