The BJPS Referee Of The Year Award

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (BJPS) has a “Referee of the Year” award.

The editors of the journal selected Kenny Easwaran, associate professor of philosophy at Texas A & M University, as the winner of the award for 2019, praising him “for his willingness to act as a referee, for the timeliness of his reports, and for the very high quality of those reports.”

The idea for the Referee of the Year award appears to have initially been floated by Marc Lange (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) in a blog post at the end of his term as an associate editor of the BJPS:

After reading a particularly useful referee report, I sometimes thought that BJPS should consider giving an award to the ‘Referee of the Year’ or ‘Most Valuable Referee’ (or something like that)—a referee who does something especially outstanding, such as refereeing a paper on an especially short deadline, or looking at draft after draft of the same paper and shepherding it along to ultimate success, or carrying out an enormous volume of refereeing chores. There might be a fair degree of agreement on likely award-winners among the journal’s editorial staff.

From what I can tell, the award was first given out last year, for work during 2018, to Adrian Currie (University of Exeter).

About the award, the editors of the journal write:

Referees who give papers great care and attention, and respond in the spirit of moving the conversation forward, perform a great service not only to the author and the journal, but to the field as a whole. In order to offer some public recognition for this crucial labour, the BJPS and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science have created a Referee of the Year award. Winners become Honorary Members of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, a life-time position.

Do other journals have similar awards?

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