New: “Thinking Hard & Slow” Podcast

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) has launched a new podcast, “Thinking Hard & Slow.”

The episodes are recorded live from RIP events including themed lecture series, special lectures and annual debates. Each episode is presented by Julian Baggini.

Episodes so far include “How to Change Your Mind” with Leah Kalmanson (University of North Texas), “Philosophical Storytelling” with Helen de Cruz (SLU), “The Philosophy of Green Finance” with Joanna Burch Brown (Bristol), and “Japanese Philosophers on Plato’s Ideas” with Noburu Notomi (Tokyo).

You can access the episodes here and on other podcast platforms.

The Royal Institute of Philosophy is a non-profit organization, founded in 1925, that presents philosophical lectures, conferences, and related events.

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(via Kate Walters)

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