A Big List of Philosophy Podcasts (updated)

How many philosophy podcasts are there?

At least 60
Over 80
At least 90 [as of 12/14/20] and they take a variety of forms.

Andrew Lavin (CSU Chico, Butte College, Feather River College), himself the host of the podcast Reductio, compiled a list of them, below:

Dr. Lavin knows that he may have missed some, so podcasters are encouraged to  e-mail him at [email protected] to join the list, and we’ll update it. Feel free, as well, to mention any additions to the list in the comments, including hosts’ names and the kind of podcast it is.

(Revisions will be made to the list on an ongoing basis, typically without a major announcement of an update.)

See also Kelly Truelove’s list of philosophy and ideas podcasts, philosophy podcasters on Twitter and his TrueSciPhi radio (an internet radio station streaming participating philosophy & ideas podcasts).

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