Philosophy PhD Program GRE Requirements for 2023

Will your philosophy PhD program be requiring applicants to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for 2023 admissions?

It may seem early to ask, but the answers, which have been in flux over the past few years, may affect whether prospective students spend time this summer preparing for the exam. And it may be a good idea to remind departments that have the authority to settle this matter themselves to take it up prior to the summer break.

Previously shared information about GRE requirements in past years can be found here. There’s also the very useful Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet website, but its information is for 2022 admissions.

If you know what your department is doing for 2023, please share it in the comments. Thank you.

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Tim O'Keefe
2 years ago

Georgia State is not requiring the GRE.

Mylan Engel Jr
Mylan Engel Jr
Reply to  Tim O'Keefe
2 years ago

Tim, does “not requiring” mean that submitting GRE scores is optional or that GRE scores will not be accepted.

Tim O'Keefe
Reply to  Mylan Engel Jr
2 years ago

We have said that we won’t consider them, and they’re not included (by my request) in the summary excel spreadsheets of applicant data that I send around to faculty considering applications. (Also, we have a rubric we use to help with the consideration of applications, mainly broken down by the pieces of the application, and the GRE is not included.)
However, this past application cycle, a handful of applicants did send their scores in anyway, and they were included in the auto-generated application pdfs we looked at. I myself didn’t look at them (it’s easy with our interface to skip over them), but I cannot vouch that all faculty did so. I need to contact the people in our grad office to see if they can correct this, so that we don’t accept them.

Douglas W. Portmore
2 years ago

Arizona State University will not require, but will accept, GRE scores.

Jonathan Ichikawa
2 years ago

Philosophy at the University of British Columbia has not included GRE as part of the application in its recent years, and I have no reason to expect that to change in the upcoming application season.

Alexander Guerrero
2 years ago

Rutgers will not require the GRE for 2023 Philosophy PhD admissions. GRE scores can still be submitted.