Summer 2022 Programs in Philosophy for High School Students

Please use the comments section on this post to share information about 2022 Summer Programs in Philosophy for high school students.

If you are organizing such a program, please add a comment to this post that includes:
– program name
– dates
– location (is it currently planned as an online event, physical event, physical event with some online participation, physical event with an online contingency plan?)
– contact information
– application deadline
– a description of the program
– link to further information

Summer 2022 Philosophy Programs for Undergraduates
– Summer 2022 Philosophy Programs for Graduate Students and/or PhDs

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James Fritz
1 month ago

Come join us at the VCU Summer Camp in Philosophy!

Here are the basics about the program:

The VCU Summer Camp in Philosophy is a day camp for high school students interested in asking big questions, learning about new perspectives, and seeing the world in a new way. The camp is organized and led by faculty members from VCU’s Department of Philosophy.

We’ll meet from July 17-22; students should plan to apply by May 16, 2022. We currently plan to meet entirely in person, on VCU’s beautiful campus in downtown Richmond, Virginia. For more information, visit or contact James Fritz at [email protected].

Here’s a bit more detail about what to expect at camp:

Students will spend each day at camp digging into a diverse array of engaging activities that introduce them to the exciting world of philosophy. Students will play games, perform theatrical dialogues, create and share presentations, pose questions to expert guest speakers, race around VCU’s campus on a scavenger hunt, and make lifelong friends in deep conversations about timeless questions.Report

Daniel Propson
1 month ago

At Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, we are hosting a philosophy camp this coming July. Our topic will be “Thought Experiments”, and we will be having fun as we work through a set of intriguing thought experiments in the history of philosophy, selected by OU professors.

The dates for the camp are July 18th-21st at OU’s campus. (We hope to have another camp in the Detroit Public Schools, the following week, but details have not yet been worked out fully).

You can sign up for our mailing list here:

We will be sending application info in late February to those on our mailing list, and applications will be due by May 10th, 2022.

More information about our program is located here:

Brian J Collins
15 days ago

Name: SoCal Philosophy Academy’s Summer Institute
Dates: June 13-17, 2022
Location: California Lutheran University’s main campus (Thousand Oaks, CA)
The SoCal Philosophy Academy’s Summer Institute is a week-long program that introduces high school students to the field of philosophy, focusing on perennial and contemporary philosophical issues and questions (details about the theme for the 2022 Institute will be coming soon!). During the Institute, students are immersed into the practices of philosophy, wrestling with thought experiments, scenarios, and stories utilizing philosophical analysis, argumentation, and critical evaluation. The short-term goals of the institute are to introduce students to philosophical theory and skills and expose them to some of the central problems in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. Students will also learn how to construct/reconstruct arguments and positions on issues and evaluate them. The long-term goals are to prepare high school students for the rigors of college and gather data on the effectiveness of pre-college philosophy instruction.


Contact Info: Brian J Collins [email protected]Report