New: Washington University Review of Philosophy

Washington University Review of Philosophy is a new, open-access journal featuring articles by and interviews with professional philosophers, edited by undergraduate students.

The journal, based at Washington University in St. Louis, “strives to bridge the gap between academic philosophy and the everyday reader.” This is achieved not just through the selection of articles, but also its editorial process:

After reading your submitted manuscript, the editorial team will discuss it and decide if we will include it in the upcoming edition. If we decide that we would like to publish your piece, we will contact you and begin a dialogue on potential edits for your work. Rather than peer review, you can expect a collaborative process in which a dedicated team of undergraduate students reads your piece and, if necessary, makes suggestions so that the article best fits the mission of the Review.

The journal’s editorial team is led by editors-in-chief Rohan Srivastava and Nathan Hirscher. One of the managing editors, Ethan Harris, in an email, notes that it is “only the second undergraduate-run journal to publish professional philosophical works (the first being the Harvard Review of Philosophy).”

Each issue of the journal, which is published annually, has its own unifying theme. The inaugural issue, with the theme of aesthetics, is available here.

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2 years ago

I’m so glad that the inaugural theme was aesthetics! It’s sometimes given short shrift by the rest of the field, but it tends to be one of the subfields of most interest to “everyday” readers.

2 years ago

Looks interesting – thank you!

Last edited 2 years ago by Alan Taylor-Bennett