SILFS Prize for Women in Logic and Philosophy of Science Awarded

The Società Italiana di Logica e Filosofia delle Scienze / Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science (SILFS) has announced the recipients of its 2020 Prize for Women in Logic and the Philosophy of Science.

The prize recognizes the writings of women in logic and philosophy of science.

This year, SILFS selected two women for the prize: Anne Sophie Meincke (University of Vienna) and Anela Lolic (Vienna University of Technology). Here are descriptions of their work from the prize announcement:

Anne Sophie Meincke — A Process View of Pregnancy
Since Aristotle, substances have enjoyed a sort of ontological primacy, and this has shaped our language and thought. Anne Sophie Meincke asks us to look at the world around us in terms of processes rather than entities, and thus at a pregnant individual as a process—a “bifurcating hypercomplex process”. This innovative perspective appears able to open promising research directions and generate fruitful debates, not only in the domain of the metaphysics of pregnancy, but also in the fields of philosophy of biology, ethics and bioethics.

Anela Lolic — Towards the Analysis of Mathematical Proofs: Cut-Elimination and Herbrand’s Theorem in Presence of Induction
The work proposed by Anela Lolic belongs to an emerging research line, dedicated to the analysis of mathematical proofs based on the methods of structural theory of proof. The work is characterized by originality, a remarkable formal sophistication and an expert fusion of established methods of mathematical logic and recent methodologies.

You can learn more about SILFS here.

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