Conversations with Philosophers about the Pandemic

Over the past few months, Sahana Rajan (University of Delhi) and Alan Nelson Isaac have been conducting interviews with philosophers, with a focus on “exploring the philosophical dimensions of pandemic situation.” The result is In Limbo Conversations.

[Emma Kunz, “Drawing No. 020”]

In Limbo Conversations is a blog of “conversations that throw light on the numerous ways in which different philosophical domains receive and study the pandemic.” Each interview is presented in video and text formats.

Its precursor was the development of a bibliography that records the various philosophical writings on the pandemic that was started and is currently maintained by Jef Delvaux (York University) and Rajan.

Those interviewed include: Christopher Tinsdale (Windsor), Jana Mohr Lone (Washington), Steve Fuller (Warwick), Alexander Broadbent (Johannesburg), Simon Critchley (New School), Kevin McCain (Alabama) and several others. Check out the list of interviews here.


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