New Leadership at European Society for Analytic Philosophy

The European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) has a new president and a new steering committee. 

The ESAP elected as president Katalin Farkas from the CEU in Vienna. The new steering committee is:

Elvio Baccarini (University of Rijeka)
Sandrine Berges (Bilkent University)
Sofia Bonicalzi (Roma Tre University)
Sorin Costreie (University of Bucharest)
Catarina Dutilh-Novaes (Free University of Amsterdam)
Marta Jorba (University of the Basque Country)
Teresa Marques (University of Barcelona and University of Lisbon)
Olivier Massin (University of Neuchâtel)
Derek Matravers (The Open University)
Stathis Psillos (University of Athens)
Barbara Vetter (Freie Universität Berlin)
Sebastian Watzl (University of Oslo)
Åsa Wikforss (Stockholm University)

The society’s next major conference, ECAP11, will take place in Vienna in 2023.

(via Daniel Cohnitz)

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Teresa Marques
Teresa Marques
3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the update. It is the first time that a woman is president of ESAP, and it’s especially significant that it is Kati Farkas, at CEU, now in Vienna.