The Pandemic’s Largest Online Philosophy Conference to Date?

What may be the largest philosophy conference to have switched to an online format because of the COVID-19 pandemic is starting today.

The conference is the 10th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP). ECAP is organized by the European Society for Analytic Philosophy and is held once every three years. This year’s conference was originally scheduled to take place at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. Instead, it will be held online.

The conference includes around 250 contributed papers, keynotes, and invited talks, and so far, around 350 philosophers have registered to participate, according to Daniel Cohnitz, professor of philosophy at Utrecht and president of the conference’s steering committee.

The conference size and format is a bit of an experiment, and it will be interesting to hear from participants about how it goes.

Most of the talks will take place in dedicated Microsoft Teams channels. The talks themselves are prerecorded and made available to audiences in advance to watch at their convenience. As for the discussions of the papers, speakers chose either a live question and answer period in a dedicated time-slot or an asynchronous, chat based Q&A. The keynote lectures will be streamed live on YouTube. You can read more about the format here.

The program is online here. Access to the papers (and participation in the discussions) is limited to those who’ve registered for the conference, but registration is still open. Professor Cohnitz writes that participants from outside Europe are welcome.


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