New Site Presents Philosophy Job Placement Data

Charles Lassiter, associate professor of philosophy at Gonzaga University, has created a new site to provide job placement information about philosophy Ph.D. programs.

The site contains graphs and tables for departmental placements per graduate, junior placement rates, a searchable drill-down table where users can see where graduates of a program have historically placed, and more. It’s based on data from PhilJobs, downloaded information on graduation rates, and some assumptions, and covers the time period of January 2011 to September 2020.

Professor Lassiter calls it a “first attempt at coming up with a model for placement rates in philosophy,” and notes that in some ways it is not complete (check out the “Into the Weeds” section for more details on how it was made). He aims to update it every six months, in September (for job seekers) and March (for students headed into PhD programs).

You can explore the site here. Below is just one item from it: junior placement rates by department.

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