New: Phi (Φ) Magazine

Phi Magazine, also known as Φ Magazine, is a quarterly, independent, non-profit periodical made by philosophy students.

Founded at King’s College London not quite two years ago, Φ Magazine has published 7 issues. Its contents include philosophical prose as well as poetry, art, and more. It’s a hard copy magazine but also makes some contents available online (and they have an online shop, too).

An upcoming issue will be paired with a “virtual exhibition” and submissions for it are now open. Editor Chiara Zucchelli writes:

Submissions are officially open for Φ Magazine’s Blue Issue, the first issue of the 2020/21 academic year! We invite students to explore the theme at will to see where it takes them: colours, emotions, seas, eyes, skies, and more… We take all kinds of submissions: prose, photography, poetry, painting, opinion pieces, film or music—you make it we want to publish it! Share your work with us! Submit to or email before 24/10/2020 

Check out Φ Magazine here.

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Natércia Teves
Natércia Teves
3 years ago

It is indeed a unique magazine, extremely well written with knowledgeable, interesting topics that engages me as a reader and capts my attention to a different level of curiosity and new learning. Certainly a magazine I recommend.