Readings for Students on Philosophy & the Pandemic

As philosophy professors make adjustments to how we are teaching in response to the pandemic, are we also adjusting what we’re teaching this term?

[detail of sculpture by Chris Donia]

Many schools lost at least a week’s worth of classes, and so many courses will have had material cut from them.

But are philosophers adding units to their courses on the pandemic? Aspects of it are relevant to a wide array of philosophical areas, and I’d bet students would be especially interested in seeing that.

One philosophy professor asks, “Could you request that your readers share articles they’re using when teaching about COVID-19?”

This is a good idea. If you are (or are considering) teaching about any element of the pandemic and reactions to it in your philosophy course, please let us know what the course is, what articles, chapters, videos, websites, or other materials you are thinking of assigning your students, and, if you don’t mind, a line that explains your selection(s).

Thank you!

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