Bad Publisher Behavior? Wiley and Philosophy & Public Affairs

Is there reason to be concerned about academic freedom and editorial autonomy at journals published by Wiley? 

The recent issue of Philosophy & Public Affairs, published by Wiley, includes a note from the editors in which the following appears:

Jonathan Quong and Anna Stilz are now the Acting Co-Editors of the journal,and Anna Stilz has been nominated by the associate editors to replace Dean Satz as the next Editor-in-Chief. The associate and advisory editors are extremely grateful to Anna for her willingness to take on this demanding role, and we look forward to her nomination being confirmed by our publisher, Wiley.

The passage raised suspicions in one reader, who shared it with me in light of problems of publisher interference at another Wiley journal (the European Law Journal). Why announce that Professor Stilz’s nomination as editor-in-chief had yet to be approved by the publisher?

It appears that the associate editors nominated Professor Stilz this past September. That means Wiley has had plenty of time to approve her as editor-in-chief. So is this another example of the publisher trying to control a journal by failing to go along with the decisions of its editorial team, and possibly installing an alternate editor-in-chief of its own choosing?

I currently have inquiries out on this matter and will report back upon learning more.

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