World Philosophy Day Is November 21

This is just a heads-up that World Philosophy Day this year falls on Thursday, November 21st.

Luke Calder, aluminum and copper globe

Created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2002, World Philosophy Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of November.

According to the United Nations, the aims of World Philosophy Day are to

  1. to renew the national, subregional, regional and international commitment to philosophy;
  2. to foster philosophical analysis, research and studies on major contemporary issues, so as to respond more effectively to the challenges that are confronting humanity today;
  3. to raise public awareness of the importance of philosophy and its critical use in the choices arising for many societies from the effects of globalization or entry into modernity;
  4. to appraise the state of philosophy teaching throughout the world, with special emphasis on unequal access;
  5. to underline the importance of the universalization of philosophy teaching for future generations.

If you or your department have plans related to World Philosophy Day, or if you have ideas for celebrating the day, please share them in the comments. And if you don’t yet, it’s not too late to start planning something.

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Prof. Charles F.L. Mbakaya
Prof. Charles F.L. Mbakaya
4 years ago

A great initiative that should be sustained!!

Prof. Charles F.L. Mbakaya
Prof. Charles F.L. Mbakaya
4 years ago

Would be interested to collaborate in holding a meeting at my school of Science, Technology and engineering at Rongo University, Kenya where I’m Dean.

Any ideas how we Can work together with UNESCO and other like minded parties?