Visualization of Gender Distribution in Philosophy Research Topics

Maximilian Noichl, whose visualizations we’ve discussed previously (here and here) has produced one depicting the gender distribution in philosophy research topics.

The visualization is a rough estimate based on the authorship of over 40,000 papers, using names, to the extent possible, as indicators of gender. It uses color to show the predominant gender in an area (dark green representing a high proportion of men, dark blue representing a high proportion of women, with lighter gradients between). This is what the whole thing, zoomed out, looks like:

The visualization is interactive. To view it go here and click the button that says “show gender distribution.”

If you zoom in on a particular spot, and hover the cursor over it, this is the kind of thing you’ll see:

And then when you click on the highlighted area, you’ll get a list of keywords, journals, and articles in that area:

Overall, the visualization shows what we already knew: that “authorship in philosophy is predominantly male.” But you can search through it to see which areas are more and less gender homogeneous.

Noichl adds: “Please note that it’s still the beta-version, so it’s not as well documented as I want it to be at some point. Feedback welcome.”

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