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A note from the editor.

Dear Philosofriends,

Thanks for visiting Daily Nous, reading the posts, taking part in the discussions, and making suggestions. It’s truly a privilege to be able to serve the philosophy community in this way.

Each day, I spend a lot of time going over possible material for the site, writing posts, moderating discussions, and handling the site’s various administrative tasks. It takes a lot of work to keep Daily Nous running.

Over the years, readers have occasionally made donations to help with the site’s expenses, but there wasn’t a regular way of doing so. I’m happy to announce that there now is. I’ve created a Patreon page for Daily Nous. (For those who don’t know, Patreon is an established web service that makes it simple for you to provide support for services, projects, and goods.)

If there’s enough revenue through the Patreon page, I will hire a part-time assistant to help with the site. That would be an enormous help to me and crucial for DN’s long-term sustainability. (I don’t know how much longer I can keep doing this unassisted.)

So if you visit Daily Nous and find it to be of value, please check out the options for supporting the site at the Patreon page.

I just set up the page moments ago. Patreon recommends including a video but I have not yet done that, so in lieu of a video please accept this series of ridiculous selfies I took with my laptop open to the site’s Patreon page:

All donors will be recognized on a soon-to-be-created Supporters Page at the site (unless they don’t want to be).

OK. Let’s see how this goes.

Thank you all very much for your support!

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Caligula's Goat
Caligula's Goat
4 years ago

Hi Justin,

I don’t know how Patreon works but are all of the options these $X/month style options or are there ways to give one-time lump sorts of gifts? I generally prefer the latter but love the site and think very highly of you as a model of professional engagement and discourse so I’m willing to sign up on the more regular gift plan…I would just prefer not to if possible. Any help?

Caligula's Goat
Caligula's Goat
Reply to  Justin Weinberg
4 years ago

Done and done. Thanks for the help Justin.

David Hyder
4 years ago

Done! And thanks for the amusing pics!

4 years ago

I don’t want to undercut the success of your Patreon page — but have you thought about a DailyNous Venmo account? That might make it easier for people to make one time donations (assuming philosophers use Venmo!).

Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark
4 years ago

Dear Justin

Very best wishes for your project. Do run the mail past [email protected] who now manages Philos-L if you would like to spread the appeal via Philos-L.

I do sympathize! It took me 30 years or more to get Liverpool to recognize the labour involved in running the list and actually agree to provide funds for it! You do a lot more to organize and comment on the news than I ever did/

I’m not sure that I can commit to ongoing support myself just at the moment. Perhaps you could allow for occasional one-off donations on the page? I do realize that you also need ongoing and predictable commitments.

Stephen R.L.Clark Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Liverpool Honorary Research Fellow, Dept of Theology, University of Bristol Founder of Philos-L: Supports the Gendered Conference Campaign: