3rd Annual Philosophical Photography Contest Winners Announced

The Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University has revealed the winning photograph and honorable mentions in its 3rd annual Philosophical Photography Contest.

According to the organizers of the contest, “people were invited to submit photos that managed to capture an abstract philosophical concept in a creative way. Once again, our judges had a very difficult time choosing a winner. Photos were judged on both how well they conveyed a philosophical concept, and on technical execution (composition, colour, focus, etc.).”

First place goes to Chelsea McKenzie for her piece, “Time Travel”:

Chelsea McKenzie, “Time Travel”

This photo “depicts the Devil’s Punch Bowl, a cliff-face on the Niagara escarpment of exposed striated rock, equivalent to 450 million years of geological time.”

Honorable mentions went to photos from Sylvia Wenmackers and Mark Bessoudo. You can view them all here.


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4 years ago

Who don’t like a good escarpment, yo.Report