Philosophers Sought For Charming Public Philosophy Project (updated)

In Parenthesis, an initiative directed by philosophers Clare Mac Cumhaill (Durham) and Rachael Wiseman (Liverpool), has teamed up with An Post, the Republic of Ireland’s postal service, to develop a new public philosophy project.

Called Philosophy by Postcard, the project celebrates the centenary of the birth of Iris Murdoch. An Post will be releasing a commemorative stamp in honor of the philosopher. This coming summer, people can send a postcard to “Iris Murdoch” at her birthplace in Dublin. 100 of the people who send such postcards will receive an individual reply from a philosopher on a limited edition, artist-designed card, with one of the stamps.

Right now, the project is seeking 100 philosophers willing to each write one of the replies. You can volunteer to do so by clicking the “register” button a little bit down this page. You needn’t be an Iris Murdoch expert to take part. However, they are looking for philosophers who are “broadly sympathetic to Murdoch’s philosophical attitude and spirit.” There’s some more information here, and some discussion on Twitter with the tag #slowphilosophy.

UPDATE (5/2/19): The project has its volunteers. Check out the many philosophers who share what Iris Murdoch’s philosophy means to them.

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5 years ago

This sounds like a great project. Thanks for helping to publicize it.