Ten Things I Love About Philosophers

Happy Valentine’s Day, philosofriends!

What do I love about philosophers? (Can I love philosophers in general? Does love work that way? And how is this compatible with there being specific philosophers I don’t love? And…)

Philosophers tend to be:

  1. imaginative
  2. able to take great pleasure in puzzlement
  3. smart
  4. better than many at not taking it personally when corrected
  5. good at exploring possibilities
  6. concerned with being careful and precise in what they say
  7. able to see things from others’ point of view
  8. less bound by convention
  9. appreciative of complexity
  10. unselfconscious about how unusual they are

Philosophers are also good at coming up with counterexamples, but we don’t need to exercise that skill in this regard today, do we?

If you want to share what you love about philosophers, feel free to in the comments.

Have a good day. I hope you feel loved.

Jim Dine, “Eight Hearts”

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