Do Professors Penalize Conservative Students?

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about self-censorship on campus. According to one popular theory, conservative students censor themselves because they believe that if they state their true views, they will get a lower grade. This theory is true.”

But the belief is false.

So begins a very informative series of tweets by Jeffrey Sachs (Acadia) about the “myth of partisan grading,” which I repost below.

Adam Fuss, daguerreotype from the series, “My Ghost”


As regular readers know, I have often suggested that a somewhat similar phenomenon is true regarding professors, namely, that faculty self-censorship based on fear of negative repercussions for defending unpopular beliefs in their research or for explaining defenses of controversial positions in their classes is not justified. Perhaps Dr. Sachs will look over the evidence and tweet about that sometime soon.

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