“Night of Philosophy and Ideas” Events This Weekend

Sixty-five cities around the world will host “Night of Philosophy and Ideas” events over the next few days, with some taking place tonight.

Cities in which “Night of Philosophy and Ideas 2019” will be taking place

The Night of Philosophy and Ideas aim to bring those involved in the current production of philosophy and the arts into contact with the public. “Projects of any type are welcomed (conference, theatre play, performance, screening, concerts, etc.), and all places—whether prestigious or unexpected—are called to join the party and host original projects reflecting their own interpretation of the suggested theme.” This year’s theme is “Facing Our Time.”

You can get a sense of what goes on at these by checking out the various programs at the main site, though note that sometimes more informative and easier-to-navigate independent websites have been set up. For example, the schedule for the New York edition, taking place at the Brooklyn Public Library this Saturday night, is here. The one for the event in Washington, DC is here. You can also see by comparing those two that the type of content varies across events. There is just one philosophy professor on the schedule for the DC event, while the NY one has many, for example.

There are articles at Quartz and Hyperallergic on the events. Previous posts on them at DN are here and here.

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