Which Philosophers Won the Shirt Poll? And Who Won the Shirts? (updated)

The 2nd Daily Nous/Hirsute History philosopher t-shirt poll is over, and we have identified the winner and runner-up.

Who will join the pantheon of hair-based profiles adorning Jeremy Kalgreen’s signature shirts?

Here are the results.

The winner, correlated with 14.32% of the vote, so don’t call it a miracle:

David Hume

And the runner-up, with 11.12% of the vote, pay attention:

Simone Weil

Jeremy will be designing shirts featuring these philosophers over the next couple of weeks. You can see the rest of the poll results here, and Jeremy’s other philosopher t-shirts here.

Also, as promised, three of the participating poll respondents were picked at random to each receive a free shirt. They are: Grace Goh, Jim Griffis, and Kaitlyn Berry. Congratulations!

Thanks to the over 1,100 people who participated in the poll!

UPDATE: Here are Kalgreen’s portraits of Hume and Weil:

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