Trump Reads Daily Nous?

Trump’s egotism pushes him to a position on the alleged problem of political correctness run amok on college campuses that is close to mine: “it’s highly overblown.”

(source: Daniel Dale, Toronto Star reporter, on Twitter)

Also in the strange bedfellows department, Portland State University political scientist Bruce “#notallcolonialisms” Gilley (previously here and here), denies that the relative lack of conservatives on campus is owed to hostile attitudes towards conservatives. He offers a much more interesting explanation in its place. Here’s an exchange from an interview of him at The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Q. I read an essay from last year in which you explained why you were leaving the American Political Science Association. In that essay you wrote that conservatives who write about the academy often think there’s a conspiracy to keep conservatives out, but that you don’t think that’s the case. So why do you think there aren’t more conservatives in academe?

A. There’s a famous study of housing segregation by Thomas Schelling. He showed that if you model a situation where people have a weak preference for living next to people who mostly look like them—they’re OK having a few black neighbors, but they don’t want more than half of their neighbors to be black—the aggregate consequence of that, as it ripples through the system, is the entire neighborhood becomes white. I think that exactly is what happened in the academy.It’s not that people don’t want conservative colleagues or are actively hostile to them. But they have a weak preference for liberals, and what happens over time is it aggregates into a purely liberal academy. What this means is, I go to work every day with reasonable, smart, thoughtful people who are not on a witch hunt.

Coming up next: Vladimir Putin argues that so-called “snowflake students” are really tough.

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