Large Grant To Support Pre-College Philosophy In Australasia

The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Association (FAPSA) has been awarded $281,656 AUD (roughly US$224,000) to fund a project that brings philosophy to pre-college students.

The funding, awarded by the Templeton Religious Trust, will go to support the Philosothons run by FAPSA. What’s a Philosothon?

 A Philosothon is a competition that sees students engaging in a Community of Inquiry, seeking to investigate a complex ethical or philosophical problem in a collaborative manner. Unlike debates, the views of students are not necessarily pitted one against the other, and students may change their mind or refine their thinking on issues as the dialogue unfolds. In this way, Philosothons promote critical and creative thinking and collaboration skills.

Philosothons were initially developed by Matthew Wills, the Head of Philosophy, Values and Religion (currently on leave) at Hale School in Western Australia.

According to a press release from FAPSA, the funding will be used to

grow existing Philosothons and support the establishment of new ones, particularly in remote schools and at schools catering for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. 

More information here.

[note: this article originally mistakenly named the John Templeton Foundation as the grantor. Thanks to Barry Lam for the correction.]

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