A Logic Prize In Every Country

Jean-Yves Beziau (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) created the Newton da Costa Prize in Logic in Brazil and has now embarked on a plan to have a logic prize in every country in the world.

He expects “at least 10 winners from 10 different countries” to be announced at the 2018 World Congress and School on Universal Logic (UNILOG), taking place in Vichy, France, according to an email sent to the PHILOS-L list.

On a website dedicated to the project, the Brazilian prize is listed as one of 9 already in existence. Other logic prizes have been established in Canada, Croatia, Greece, India, Iran, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey.

Why a logic prize? Beziau writes:

Logic is a fundamental field of research. Among the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century, at least 4 are directly connected to logic: Kurt Gödel, Bertrand Russell, Alan Turing and Ludwig Wittgenstein. However generally at a university there is no department of logic. People working in logic are spread in various institutes: philosophy, mathematics, computer sciences, linguistics, cognitive science… In a sense this spreading of logic is good. But it is also important to reinforce the interaction between logicians working in one university, in one country, in the world. This is the spirit of logic prizes.

See the website for guidance on setting up a logic prize in your country.

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Sarah Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg
6 years ago

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