New International Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Philosophy Journal

Philosophers at the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) in Tehran, along with philosophy professors at other Iranian philosophy institutions and some Iranian faculty in the United States and Europe, have collaborated on the launch of a new peer-reviewed open-access philosophy journal called Eshare: An Iranian Journal of Philosophy.

The journal is “dedicated to publishing high quality papers on all aspects of philosophy and from all traditions,” according to an announcement from the editor. From the journal’s website:

Submissions in both English and Persian are welcome. We are committed to the APA code of ethics in academic research and publication. Eshare does not follow a regular publication schedule. Accepted papers may be published at irregular time intervals. Whenever a paper is accepted, prepared and edited for print, it will be put on the journal’s webpage with a unique reference number.

The journal is offering a 1000 euro annual prize (the Ali Abadi award) for the best Persian language articles it publishes.

For instructions on submitting an article, go here.

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, “Sunrise” (detail)

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Greg Gauthier
7 years ago

Brilliant. Perhaps Katzav and Vaesen would have something to submit, there.