New Philosophy Podcast on Politics and Public Discourse

Why We Argue is a new, interview-based podcast “that explores the triumphs and disasters of American political conversation.” It is hosted by Robert Talisse, professor of philosophy at Vanderbilt University and is part of the Humility and Conviction in Public Life project directed by Michael Lynch, professor of philosophy at the University of Connecticut.

This is just one of several such projects Professor Talisse is involved with. He also conducts interviews as part of the New Books In Philosophy team and recently put out the Philosophy 15 video series.

Five episodes Why We Argue are now out, available on iTunes:

Episode 1: Democracy and Social Media with Michael Lynch
Episode 2: Populist Moments with Elizabeth Anderson
Episode 3: Free Speech Matters with Robert George
Episode 4: Race and Democratic Virtue with Paul C. Taylor
Episode 5: Political Rhetoric and Political Experience with William Galston

Check it out.


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