Nietzsche For Tots

Have you ever interacted with a three year-old and thought, “what this kid needs is some Nietzsche”? Me neither. Those who are before good and evil don’t need to be encouraged to move beyond it, in my experience. 

But perhaps that is a mistake. A reader recently shared with me Nietzsche in Shapes and Colors, a board book aimed at introducing Nietzschean themes to children by way of simple phrases and beautiful illustrations, including naturalism:

will to power:



and more.

(The book is listed as being written and illustrated in the 1970s by one Hålla Dagdrömma and recently translated from its original Swedish by Theresa Vishnevetskaya, but that may be more Kierkegaardian flourish than bibliographic fact.)

You can check it out here.

Related: readers may recall the project of John Holbo (NUS) to produce a Dr. Seuss-like version of Thus Spoke Zarathustra for kids.

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