Zarathustra for Kids

John Holbo (National University of Singapore) has undertaken a new project: a version of Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra for kids. It’s illustrated, and written in the style of Dr. Seuss. It’s called On Beyond Zarathustra: A Parody for All and None, and samples from it have been posted on his website (and Crooked Timber). Below are images from the first few pages:

Images from John Holbo's "On Beyond Zarathustra"

Images from John Holbo’s “On Beyond Zarathustra”

There’s much more of the book here. See also Holbo’s illustrated translations of three of Plato’s dialogues.


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John Holbo
7 years ago

Thanks for the link!

7 years ago

This is absolutely ridiculous. Lets indoctrinate our kids with a over-simplified version of Zarathustra with cartoons. I’m at a loss at how anybody thought this was a good idea.
Nietzche is probably rolling in his grave right now.