“Ought Experiment” Returns With New Advice Columnist

Ought Experiment, the Daily Nous feature offering “personalized advice for your academic life,” will be returning soon after having been on hiatus since last May. During this break, Original Ought Experiment columnist Louis Generis stepped down to pursue other interests, such as keeping his day job*. After a hardly exhaustive search I am pleased to announce Ought Experiment’s new columnist, Dear Ida.

Dear Ida is a good, wise, and trustworthy tenured professor of philosophy in the United States (who, like Louie Generis, is not me). If you are seeking advice about life or work or life at work or work in life or whatever, write to Dear Ida at [email protected]. Dear Ida is sworn to secrecy; all correspondence is treated confidentially and no one writing in will have their identity shared or revealed (unless they want it revealed). For more information about Ought Experiment, you can see its original introductory post.

I asked Dear Ida for comment about what readers should expect. The reply:

“I’ll just let the questions come in, contemplate the form of the good, and let the words come out.”

Perfect. Now all we need are some questions.

So what’s your problem? Tell Dear Ida at [email protected].

* Batmanning is a lot of work.

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