Influences on Faculty Salary

A new study reveals the effect that various factors, apart from scholarly productivity, have on faculty salary, according to a new study reported on by Inside Higher Ed. The data is for political science faculty, but probably displays a pattern common to most disciplines in the social sciences and humanities.

The study shows that, for political science faculty:

  • Women earn about $3,500 less on average than men do.
  • People with children earn an average of $3,420 less than those without children.
  • Nonwhite people earn an average of $4,770 less than white people.
  • The professors who graduated from top-ranked programs (per the National Research Council) had a significant wage advantage.
  • Those who earned Ph.D.s at institutions in the Northeast or West earned more than those who earned doctorates elsewhere.
  • The more undergraduate courses a political science professor teaches, the lower their salary is likely to be.
  • Negotiating over salary appears to result in gains for male faculty members but not female faculty members.

Tenured and tenure-track positions in the social sciences have salaries that are, on average, around $6,000 higher than those in the category of “philosophy and religious studies,” according to data reported earlier.

Chad Person, “Kraken”

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