Logical Fallacies Through Funny Videos

There are online lists of logical fallacies , websites dedicated to explaining them, posters, children’s books, various videos, and, of course, memes. That many of the examples used to illustrate fallacies are humorous is no accident, as a lot of humor involves both upsetting expectations (e.g., saying something that deviates from what we think follows from what’s already been said) and making fun of ineptitude (including poor reasoning). 

I thought it could be an amusing diversion (we need one, don’t we?) to put together a collection of short video clips that illustrate logical fallacies in a funny way—excerpts from television shows, movies, stand-up comedy, and the like.

So, name a fallacy and post a link to a funny video illustrating it in the comments. Include any relevant info about time (e.g., if the example starts 8 minutes and 41 seconds into the video, please say so). If we get enough examples, this could end up being a useful resource.

I’ll start things with this clip from The Simpsons (which I’ve used here on DN before) illustrating “affirming the consequent”:

By the way, while searching for examples this morning, I noticed that the above clip is very similar to part 2 of the following Bert & Ernie sketch from Sesame Street (it should start at the right spot, but if not, skip to the 0:39 mark):


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