Famous Philosophy Majors Poster (updated with new link)

Famous Philosophy Majors Poster (updated with new link)

Catherine Nolan, a philosophy graduate student at SUNY Buffalo, has created a great poster featuring names and photos of well-known people who majored in philosophy, called “Who Has A Degree In Philosophy?UPDATE: new link here.

She writes: “Some people commonly found in lists of philosophy majors (e.g. Woody Allen, David Duchovny) aren’t on this poster because I couldn’t find evidence to back up such claims.  If anyone finds that there are other errors in this poster, please have them contact me at [email protected], and I’ll make sure to update it. This poster can be printed as a 20″ x 32″ poster; another practical size is 11″ x 17.6″, but it can be scaled to other sizes as well.” Thanks, Ms. Nolan!

Relatedly, there’s the Philosophy Students tumblr, maintained by Zac Cogley (Northern Michigan).

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