Post-Election Changes To Philosophy Curriculum By Subject: Political Philosophy

Last week we began soliciting suggestions for reading materials and lessons for various philosophical subfields in light of Donald Trump’s victory in the recent election. So far, we have threads running on epistemology, philosophy of language, and critical reasoning / informal logic. Today we’ll continue the series by asking for suggestions for political philosophy.

Here are a few do’s and dont’s:

– provide suggestions for reading materials and lessons you think might make useful additions to courses in political philosophy.
– say a little bit about why you’re suggesting what you’re suggesting.
– feel free to ask for recommendations on specific topics within political philosophy.

– ask whether we would be having this conversation if Clinton had won the election.
– assume that contributors to this post think that making changes to their philosophy courses is a panacea for society’s ills.
– write as if contributors to this thread are unconcerned with the thoughts and welfare of those who voted for Trump.

Here is some further advice, from a comment on an earlier post:

Before commenting on a thread that asks for suggestions for X, ask yourself whether you are making a suggestion for X. If the answer is “yes,” go right on ahead. If the answer is “no,” ask yourself, “is it important that I say what I’m thinking of saying right here?” Think about it for a few minutes. Take your time. And then, if you really think the answer to this second question is “yes,” then, still, don’t make the comment. Seriously, don’t. Thanks.

Lastly, thank you to those who have been contributing suggestions. There are many readers who are finding these posts helpful.

Liu Wei, "Library II-II"

Liu Wei, “Library II-II”

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