Grad Students: What Would You Tell Your Fellow Students, But Can’t?

First we asked what graduate students would like to say to their professors, but felt like they couldn’t. Then we asked what professors would like to say to graduate students, but couldn’t. Less for the sake of exploring all of the available logical space (but of course partly for that) and more because it was requested and might be of some use, we shall now take up the question:

Graduate students, what would you like to tell each other right now, but can’t?


I believe that this could be a constructive exchange in which graduate students can learn more about how they might understand each other, support each other, and make what many see as a challenging time less challenging. I would imagine that there will be a range of statements (“don’t apply for the jobs I want!”), and while the voicing of problems is certainly on the table, so, too, are suggestions and praise.

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