Who Does Public Philosophy?

The American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Public Philosophy is compiling a list of philosophers who have careers doing public philosophy, either exclusively or concurrently with careers in academic philosophy, and can use your help in identifying them.

There are a variety of ways to do public philosophy, so to be more specific, the committee is looking to gather the names of philosophy PhDs (or those substantially along the way towards completing a PhD in philosophy) who meet any one of the following four criteria:

  1. do not work in academia but whose work often involves doing philosophy with or for the public, or promoting philosophy to the public.
  2. have written two or more philosophy essays aimed at non-philosophers which were published in popular non-philosophy periodicals or venues (e.g., websites).
  3. have written at least one philosophy book (or a book with a substantial amount of philosophy in it) largely for a non-philosophically trained audience.
  4. are regularly involved in activities that bring philosophy to the public, including broad promotional activities (e.g., festivals), websites and shows that aim to bring philosophy to a non-philosophical audience, and outreach programs for traditionally philosophically-underserved populations (such as prisoners, the elderly, pre-college students, and the lay community more generally).

Please list people you know of who match any of these descriptions–including yourself. Also include in your comment, if you don’t mind, a description of the work or a link to a description of it. Thank you.

(At some point in the future, the list may be expanded to include philosophers who do not have graduate degrees, but for now, please limit your suggestions to those who do, or who soon will.)

Disclosure: I am a member of the APA’s Committee on Public Philosophy.


Mark Alan Stamaty - Who Needs Donuts?

Mark Alan Stamaty – Who Needs Donuts?

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