Job Market Mentoring for Women

Now in it’s third year, the Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy” matches job candidates with junior faculty mentors who have recently been on the market.  The program provides mentoring and peer support to women candidates during their job search through videoconferencing and online forums.”

The program is now accepting mentees for the 2016-2017 job market season.

It is a volunteer program, and new mentors are needed, too.

Jennifer Frey (South Carolina), wrote to me with the following information about the program:

Women who are interested in serving as mentors should fill out this form before September 1, 2016. Mentors should currently hold a permanent academic post and have had job market experience at the junior level in the past seven years.

Women who are interested in being mentored should fill out this form before September 1, 2016. Preference will be given to job candidates who have not participated in this mentoring program before.

Those interested in further information about why this program exists and why it is focused on women are encouraged to visit the program’s site for answers.

Job candidates seeking mentorship who do not identify as women are encouraged to participate in the Cocoon Mentoring Project.

Job Market Mentoring Women image