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A philosopher who wishes to remain anonymous thinks philosophy needs more of a social media presence,  and so created a philosophy-related Instagram account. She writes:

The purpose is just to be a generic account to follow for professional philosophers, philosophy students or any casual person interested in philosophy.  There will be no politics, no current events, no plugs for anyone, etc. It will just strictly be images focused on encouraging the study of philosophy in academia. Hopefully it will visually represent our discipline in an inspiring, fun, publicly accessible way. It’s a bit of a challenge to think of philosophy in images but I think I’ve got plenty of ideas to keep it going.  I thought maybe some Daily Nous readers out there might be interested to follow.

The name of the account is Study Philosophy.

Now who’s going to do one for Snapchat?

studyphilosophy instagram image

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Andrew Sepielli
8 years ago

I shall work on my duck/rabbit face. Oh!