Site Layout Issues

Yesterday morning, some changes were made to the layout here at Daily Nous (most visibly, some of the advertising slots were moved around). Some people have reported that the site now looks “different” or “avant garde” or “completely screwed up.” Here’s how it should look (on a normal-sized laptop):

Screenshot July 6 2016

If it doesn’t look like that, your browser may be “remembering” some or all of the old layout. Try a “hard refresh” of the page. On a machine running Windows, you can typically do this by either (a) holding down Ctrl while clicking the Reload button in your browser, or, (b) holding down Ctrl while pressing F5. On a Mac, try either (c) holding down shift while clicking the reload button or (d) holding down Cmd and shift and then pressing R.

There is more information about hard refreshing here. If you know another way to solve the problem, please share it in the comments. If you try these methods and are still having the problem, please also share that in the comments, along with the type of browser and operating system you’re using. Thank you.

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