Pogge Attempted To Halt Investigation

Thomas Pogge (Yale), who has been in the news recently regarding allegations of sexual harassment, tried to halt the investigation into his treatment of and interactions with former Yale student Fernanda Lopez Aguilar, according to a report at The Huffington Post:

The star Yale University philosophy professor accused of sexually harassing a former student attempted to halt an investigation into her claims, confidential documents obtained by The Huffington Post reveal.

Thomas Pogge accused McAllister Olivarius, a law firm investigating the allegations, of spreading lies about him and causing stress that contributed to his heart attack, according to a 2012 complaint he filed with the New York Committee on Professional Standards.

The committee ultimately dismissed Pogge’s complaint, and legal ethics experts say his allegations appear to have had little merit…

In his Oct. 2, 2012 complaint, he said the law firm lied about him while cold-contacting students he’d worked with to ask them about his behavior. He demanded that it be investigated, sanctioned and forced to reveal the full list of individuals it had contacted…

Additionally, Pogge alleged the firm’s staff members lied about having “testimony that they did not in fact possess,” causing him undue stress…

But the New York Committee on Professional Standards didn’t agree that McAllister Olivarius had acted unprofessionally and dismissed the complaint…

“It seems to me that his allegations are ridiculous,” said Nancy J. Moore, an expert in attorney ethics at Boston University School of Law. “They are investigating her claims, and to the extent there was any kind of pattern here, that would be relevant to the lawsuit.”

New York University law professor Stephen Gillers agreed. He said that if someone felt a law firm was defaming them, as Pogge claimed, it would have been more appropriate for him to file a lawsuit against the attorneys.

“The fact [the committee] dismissed it even without a lawsuit pending tells you that they thought the complaint had no merit,” Gillers said… 

And on the heart attack, Pogge says:

“By the end of this summer I suffered a heart attack with my [primary care physician] commenting that I am the very last person he would have deemed at risk. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, (never have), I am not overweight (143 lbs), I have not owned a car for decade (doing everything by bicycle), and my cholesterol on the day of the heart attack was in the 160s.”


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(HuffPost article via Eric Schliesser. By the way, check out the comments at D&I.)

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