Thanks to This Month’s Advertisers

Thanks to this month’s advertisers at Daily Nous!

See the right side of the page for ads for :

  • an edition of Heidegger’s recently released “Black Notebooks,” from MIT Press
  • the MA in Ethics and Public Affairs from George Mason University.
  • Eidyn, the Edinburgh Centre for Epistemology, Mind, and Normativity, at the University of Edinburgh
  • academic research fellowships from the Charles Koch Foundation.
  • items from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
  • HowTheLightGetsIn, the music and philosophy festival from IAI

Please support Daily Nous by clicking on the ads. The ads are always for programs, grants, events, books, journals, projects, and products related to philosophy or academia in general. If you use an ad blocker, consider adjusting its settings to make an exception for this site (e.g., “whitelist” Daily Nous). Thank you.

If you’re interested in advertising on Daily Nous, inquire by email.

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