Prominent Philosophy Journal Broadens Scope

Mind, a longstanding leading journal of philosophy known for publishing high quality work in the analytic tradition, has a new editorial staff and has announced in an editorial its plans to broaden its scope and appeal:

The sole criterion for publication in the journal is quality. No area of philosophy, no style of philosophy, and no school of philosophy is to be excluded.

They continue:

We should love to see future issues of Mind that contain, alongside sharply focused responses to articles in previous issues, broad-brushed discussions of significant trends in the history of philosophy; and alongside developments of ideas within highly specific paradigms, attempts to map the connections and divisions between different philosophical traditions. Wide appeal is desirable, but we do not count even that as a sine qua non of publication: there is room for the occasional esoterica. And in keeping with the earliest ambitions of the journal, we should like to publish work that crosses normal boundaries between disciplines, whether by bringing other disciplines to bear on traditional philosophical questions or by using philosophical tools to address questions that philosophy has largely left to other disciplines…

We believe that there are many areas of philosophy, including such mainstream areas as ethics, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy, that are currently underrepresented in the journal, and we aim to redress that.

The whole editorial can be accessed here. As announced previously, Mind’s new editors are Adrian Moore (Oxford) and Lucy O’Brien (UCL).

Mind journal

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recent grad
recent grad
8 years ago

Does that mean I won’t be able to read about the context-sensitivity of knowledge attributions about partial grounding?

Dale Miller
8 years ago

Well, quality and unlimited patience.

8 years ago

Is the journal now devoted to a respectable review time? I want to know whether I should bother submitting.