“Bunny-Drowning” University President Resigns

Simon Newman resigned from his position as president of Mount St. Mary’s University this afternoon, according to a message posted on the university’s website. Newman, you may recall, demoted two philosophers from their administrative posts and tried to fire both a tenured associate professor of philosophy, Thane Naberhaus, and an untenured communications professor, Edward Egan, who was advisor to the student newspaper. All of this was in the wake of the newspaper publishing messages from Newman regarding his plan to surreptitiously use a student survey to cull students from the entering class ahead of a federal reporting deadline, a plan he described as “drowning the bunnies” and putting “a glock to their heads.” Thousands of academics objected to Newman’s plan, signing on to a letter authored by former Mount St. Mary’s philosophy professor John Schwenkler (now at Florida State).

In the statement, Newman says, “I care deeply about the school and the recent publicity relating to my leadership has become too great of a distraction to our mission of educating students. It was a difficult decision but I believe it is the right course of action for the Mount at this time.” The resignation is “effective immediately.”

(via John Schwenkler)

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